Suomalaištahti cleaned the award table! Swedish champion Anna Tamminen was chosen as the league’s most valuable player

Suomalaistahti cleaned the award table Swedish champion Anna Tamminen was

Hammarby’s Finnish trio Anna Tamminen, Eva Nyström and Adelina Engman previously got to celebrate the Damallsvenskan championship and earlier in the summer they already won the cup.

Finns Anna Tamminen, Eva Nyström and Adelina Engman were able to celebrate the Swedish Football League championship after the high stages on November 11. In the final round, Hammarby beat IFK Norrköping away from home with a score of 2–0.

Thus, Hammarby became the Swedish champion thanks to the goal difference before BK Häcken. Hammarby from Stockholm’s Södermalm won the Swedish championship after a 38-year hiatus.

With the series win, Hammarby also became this year’s double champion after winning the Swedish cup championship earlier in the summer.

“Suomalainen muuri” Anna Tamminen played a great season in Hammarby’s goal.

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Tamminen’s great season was recognized today with a great tribute, when a gala was held in Sweden, where the best of the season were awarded.

Tamminen, 29, was awarded as the MVP of the season, i.e. Damallsvenskan’s most valuable player. In addition, he was awarded as the best goalkeeper.

– This is something I didn’t expect, Tamminen said in his acceptance speech.

– Words fail me. My teammates have helped and blocked moves. We did this together.

The Finnish keeper kept a clean sheet in 13 matches. He allowed Pis’ longest clean streak lasted 757 minutes – that’s a Damallsvenskan record.

In 26 league matches of the season, Tamminen conceded 16 goals.

The gala saw particularly emotional moments when Hammarby’s attacking star Madeleine Janogy received an honorary award from the Swedish magazine Sportsbladet. The reason behind the award was how the Swedish forward has spoken openly about his mental health problems.

– The fact that I’m standing here today is because of my loved ones who have supported me and accepted that it’s okay if I’m not feeling well, Janogy, who was in tears, thanked me.

Sources: SVT, Aftonbladet

Awardees at the Damallsvenskan gala

Goalkeeper: Anna Tamminen (Hammarby)

Defender: Josefine Rybrink (BK Häcken)

Midfielder: Yuka Momiki (Linköpings FC)

Striker: Madelen Janogy (Hammarby)

Coach: Pablo Pinones-Arce (Hammarby)

Breakthrough: Cathinka Tandberg (Linköpings FC)

MVP: Anna Tamminen (Hammarby)

Best young player: Thea Birgerud (Växjö DFF)