The Traitors: the first participants revealed, an expected date

The Traitors the first participants revealed an expected date

The Machiavellian game returns soon to M6 with a new cast of stars. The channel has already revealed some details.

Traitors, season 3, is arriving very soon on M6, which has just lifted the veil on several expected details of its reality game. The show, which captivated a large audience during its first two seasons, is preparing to return with tempting new features and a diverse cast around its flagship host, comedian and magician Éric Antoine.

Filming moved to a new castle, located in the Dordogne, the Château de Biron, thus abandoning the previous setting of the Château de Val, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Enough to add a different atmosphere to the interactions between participants and give a new dimension to the game.

Regarding the casting of Traitors season 3, M6 has opted for a variety of personalities who promise to energize the upcoming edition. Among the revealed participants, public figures such as Laurent Ruquier and his companion Hugo Manos, who will undoubtedly spice up the competition. Influencers Crazy Sally, Studio Danielle and Arthur Lombard, as well as recognized actors like Laly Meignan (Helen and the Boys) and Jean-Christophe Bouvet (Taxi 2, Emily in Paris), will also be there. Sylvie Tellier, Stomy Bugsy and comedian Julie Ferrier complete this already impressive list.

A renewed strategy game

Traitors is a strategy-based game, where participants are divided into two groups: traitors and loyalists. The former must manipulate and lie to hide their identity, while the latter must unmask them. This dynamic, inspired by the atmospheric board game Loups-Garous, creates an environment full of suspense and twists and turns, key elements of the show’s success.

This season also introduces a major new feature with “Les Traitors d’Internet”, a parallel competition which will focus on a cast of young influencers and which will be broadcast on the brand new M6+ platform. This segment, also hosted by Éric Antoine, promises to bring a modern and connected touch to the show, perhaps targeting a younger or more digital audience.

Waiting for launch date

The previous season of Traitors had already seen influencer Juju Fitcats win the title as a “traitor” while the first season also crowned a “traitor” duo made up of Clémence Castel and David Douillet. Has the time for the “loyal” arrived in 2024?

Despite the excitement around the casting and the new features, the launch date for season 3 has not yet been announced. However, given the summer broadcasts of previous seasons, fans can expect to see their favorite show again in the months to come.