The Czech World Cup hero who played in Finland joked about the Finns: “I might look calm” | Sport

The Czech World Cup hero who played in Finland joked

Czech hero goalkeeper Lukas Dostal, who played in Tampere Ilves, sent his greetings to Tampere.

Simo Arkko,

Jussi Saarinen

The Czech Republic won the ice hockey world championship in front of its home crowd in the Prague Arena late Sunday evening with a score of 2–0.

The golden and decisive 1–0 goal was completed by the Czech NHL star in the final set David Pastrnak. The forward, who finished with 110 points in the Boston Bruins, had played all three of his matches in the World Cup without power points.

Goalkeeper who played three seasons in Tampere’s Ilves Lukas Dostal saved a clean sheet in the final. He was in a jocular mood when he arrived at the interview point in a festive mood.

– This is absolutely incredible. I am so grateful. I may look calm, but I can’t hold back my emotions like a real Finnish person. I’m just kidding, Dostal teased Urheilu.

Dostal updated how achieving the world championship right in front of the home crowd was incredible.

– When we started the tournament, I knew we were strong, but I couldn’t… I still don’t understand how strong we were, Dostal was amazed.

The goalkeeper also praised how everything was organized for the team in a first-class manner.

– We worked together and this was the result.

Dostal also sent his greetings to Finland and to his friends in Tampere.

– See you soon!

World Cup attendance record

For the Czech Republic, the gold medal is the seventh in history and the first since 2010, when the country’s hockey legend took part Jaromir Jagr. Switzerland, on the other hand, achieved the third World Cup silver in its history.

The Czech Republic got to celebrate the championship in a full Prague arena. The competitions in Prague and Ostrava were a success anyway, because the attendance record for the World Championships was broken. A total of 797,727 spectators attended the matches.

The check was on the neck

The final was of extremely high quality, even though the goals were few and far between. Both were able to create good goal chances and in a few situations only the posts saved the goalkeepers from setbacks.

The Czech Republic was ahead of the teams and mostly controlled the flow of the game. Switzerland also had its moments and especially the number one chain made up of NHL stars was able to create opportunities for Lukas Dostal’s goal.

After Pastrnak’s goal, Switzerland had ten minutes to seek an equalizer. After Switzerland’s final rush, the final score of the match was completed by an empty net David Kampf.