Counter-Strike 2 is getting ready rumors

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According to rumors and leaks on Steam, Counter-Strike 2 is being prepared and its beta will start very soon.

After years of rumors, leaks, data mining, Valve said, “Counter-Strike 2It’s getting ready to rock the world with its beta version. According to Richard Lewis, a prominent journalist and presenter within the Counter-Strike community, Valve will soon release a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A beta version will arrive in early April.

Counter-Strike 2 beta in early April

Data miners recently came across two new filenames while examining NVIDIA’s driver files. The files “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe” were added to the drive.

The project’s working title is said to be Counter-Strike 2, and it’s been in development “for a while”. According to Lewis, due to the priority of Counter-Strike 2 at Valve, the current version of CS: GO has not been updated for a while.

According to these sources, Counter-Strike 2 will run on the Source 2 engine and will also have 128-tick servers like Valorant, a number that describes how fast a game server can process information.