You’ve never seen the biggest dog in the world, it’s amazing

Youve never seen the biggest dog in the world its

Being taller than a human, Zeus impresses with his unusual measurements.

Standing on its legs, it towers above most men and women. He could even qualify to play on a basketball team. But Zeus isn’t made for chaining dunks or even throwing lightning bolts. No, Zeus is a Great Dane, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records due to his size. It must be said that the measurements of this dog exceed the normal for animals of its kind, displaying rather the standards of a man. The “little” ball of hair, which already weighed 11kg at three months, has developed particularly well. “He always liked to eat and now he eats ten to twelve bowls of dry food twice a day,” Brittany Davis, his owner, said in an interview given to the washington post.

It must be said that from now on, it is a sacred carcass that must be fed every day. Zeus measures 1.04m at the withers and 2.10m when he stands on his hind legs. A world record registered in the famous collection since 2022. Suffice to say that in terms of food, it is better not to leave anything lying on the table. “He particularly likes to steal my son’s breakfast when he leaves it aside,” laughs his owner, based in Texas, with the American daily. Sausages, carrots, fried eggs, deer antlers and even ice cubes… Zeus lets (almost) nothing escape: “he doesn’t have to try very hard because he’s so big, he just walks over to the counter and takes what he wants.”

Despite his impressive size, prompting some to compare him to a horse – “people wonder if he has a saddle and if they can ride him” assures Brittany Davis -, Zeus is afraid of… the storm (!) according to the words of its owner. But what would happen during a meeting with Pearl, a Chihuahua designated as the smallest dog in the world (9.14cm high, 12.7cm long and 1.22 kg)?