The cities fighting for the host

With 583 points combed Loreen home victory in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and she thus became historic as the first woman ever to win the contest twice.

The win means that Sweden will organize the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024 – and just hours after this year’s final finished, SVT started planning for next year’s competition.

– You could say we started last night. We call each other and check and there are meetings today. There are people who are in Liverpool and check how they have done and how we should think. So it starts right away, said SVT’s CEO Hanna Stjärne in an interview with TV4 on Sunday.

This is how much the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 could cost

Organizing the music competition is an expensive story. When the Eurovision Song Contest was organized in Sweden in 2016, SVT had a budget of just over SEK 125 million.

Now SVT has also started a project to save SEK 100 million by 2025.

– It will be a challenge. But we can spread the costs over several years and that is one of the things we are sitting and calculating now, says Hanna Stjärne to TV4.

Which city will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

Just like in 2016, speculation is now running hot about which Swedish city will act as host city during the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. When Loreen, during the press conference after the victory, was asked where she thinks the contest will take place next year, she answered quickly.

– It has to be Stockholm, stated the artist, according to TT.

And the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce welcomes hosting in the capital. They mean, according to a press releasethat the competition could generate SEK 310 million in visitor revenue.

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was organized in Malmö. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Malmö and Gothenburg are also on the table when it comes to hosting. But from the municipality’s side, they are cautiously positive, at the same time highlighting the cost as decisive.

— I have to be honest in saying that you have to weigh hosting against the costs. And we are in an extremely difficult time financially. Should we end up in that situation, those aspects must also be taken into account, says Jonas Attenius (S), chairman of Gothenburg’s municipal board, to Expressen.

— In a strained economic situation, it is of course not possible to implement it at any price, says Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (S), chairman of Malmö’s municipal board, to the newspaper.

Another city that can be mentioned in the discussions is Örnsköldsvik which, according to The evening papercame close to landing the host in 2016.

Who can host the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

Of course, the speculation doesn’t end around the host city, but many are also curious about who or who could possibly host the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

According to Aftonbladet’s Tobbe Oakwho for several years reported on and from the Eurovision Song Contest, is Petra Mede together with Måns Zelmerlöwlike the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, hot candidates for the host job.

Also Sanna Nielsen and Sarah Dawn Finer are highlighted as potential presenters.

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