Open house at the crematorium in Borås

On Saturday, the people of Borås will have the chance to experience something completely unique.
Then families with children, and everyone else, have the opportunity to visit an open house among the bodies at the crematorium.
– We have received many requests from people who want to come and look, so we wanted to give everyone who wants the chance to come here, says cemetery manager Stefan Bärve.

For the first time, the crematorium in Borås will hold an open house, which GP has reported on. On site, the curious will be able to inspect the premises, which are usually filled with coffins. Visitors will also get a closer look at how the ovens work.

– You get the chance to see what it looks like inside the crematorium. Not many people have had the chance to do that.

Activities for the children

Extra activities are also planned for the children. Among other things, the staff will put out small “ashtrays” that the children will have to look for in the premises. The idea is to try to de-dramatize death a little.

– That is one of the reasons why we do this. We try to open up and also answer the questions that will be asked. The staff have extensive experience in doing this.

Stefan Bärve also wants to point out that the crematorium will not have its regular operations running while the visitors are there.

– We work with dignity and respect. It wouldn’t have felt good if we had done this while cremating other people. So it won’t be particularly hot.


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