Great fantasy series will sadly remain unfinished forever

Great fantasy series will sadly remain unfinished forever

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In the early millennium, many Harry Potter clones swarmed the cinema. One of the best screen recreations of the fantasy series was Percy Jackson: Thieves in Olympus and its sequel. The Greek world of gods became rare brought to life with so much wit. The sequel Percy Jackson 2: The Spell of the Cyclops airs today at 10:05 p.m. on Sat. 1.

On TV: Percy Jackson is a fantasy highlight that ended too soon

The film’s greatest strength lies in the story: teenager Percy (Logan Lerman) discovers that he is the son of the Greek sea god Poseidon (Kevin McKidd). Now he knows why he can dive 10 minutes without air and read ancient Greek better than English. Not a second too soon: Zeus (Sean Bean), father of the gods, accuses him of having stolen his lightning bolt.

Check out the trailer of Percy Jackson 2: The Vampire Slayer:

Percy Jackson 2: The Vampire Slayer – Trailer (German) HD

Director Chris Columbus wonderfully prepares the contrast between the smartphone present and the Olympus past. and while Percy seeks to avert the war between gods and demigods, many familiar faces cross his path. Bond actor Pierce Brosnan as Centaur or Uma Thurman as Medusa are just pure gold.

Sure, Percy Jackson 1 and its sequel Percy Jackson 2: The Vampire Slayer doesn’t have the vivid world and attention to detail of the Hogwarts saga. But the dedication to Rick Riordan’s original book is noticeable and implemented with a lot of heart. After two lukewarm theatrical releases (via Box Office Mojo / Box Office Mojo ), we’re unfortunately waiting in vain for part 3.

Even if the film series remains unfinished, Percy Jackson at least continues as a series. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is coming with a new cast and should 2023 at the earliest coming to Disney+.Fantasy Movies in Podcasts: 10 Streaming Tips on Amazon, Netflix and Disney+

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