GAPF: Children placed in HVB homes after honor repression are cheated back

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Five people are in custody and another person is suspected of arbitrarily dealing with children. The latest case concerns two sisters, 12 and 14 years old, but the phenomenon is not unusual.

According to a report published by the Equality Authority in December 2022, it emerged that children at risk of being taken against their will had been known to the authorities in the past.

According to Sabina Landstedt, they are mainly taken to countries in the Middle East and Africa, but also to countries within Europe.

Cheated back to his biological parents

Sometimes representatives from GAPF have contact with the children after they have been taken away from Sweden and then learn how they were tricked back to their biological parents from the social service placements.

– They bear witness to a terrible everyday life characterized by physical and psychological violence, says Sabina Landstedt.

Hear her talk about how children are deceived and what she thinks the environment should do about it.