Black Friday AirPods: AirPods 3, Pro… the price plummets!

Black Friday AirPods AirPods 3 Pro the price plummets

BLACK FRIDAY AIRPODS. The first promotions have tumbled on the Airpods at the start of Black Friday Week 2022. The editorial staff has unearthed for you the best promotions on the web on the AirPods 2, 3 and Pro.

[Mis à jour le 18 novembre 2022 à 13h44] It is one of the flagship products of the Black-Friday, the AirPods! For several editions, small Apple wireless headphones have been snapped up during Black Friday with promotions, discounts, “packs” and flash sales of all kinds. AirPods 2, AirPods Pro or AirPods 3, we can already find great promotions on small headphones from Apple. Be careful, however, some good plans present on the web in recent hours hide some conditions: the AirPods 3 displayed at discounted prices at CDiscount (69 euros only!) are actually refurbished devices, admittedly presented as “in excellent condition” but not new.

Same thing on the AirPods Pro in big promotion at Amazon and displayed at 215 euros or -23%. This is the 2021 model and not the latest model released at the start of the school year. If you don’t care about owning the latest version, go for it! Otherwise, go to our top below to find the perfect model! Amazon thus offers an offer that allows you to find AirPods 3 at a price below 200 euros, at 189 euros, or 13% reduction on the “classic” price.

For AirPods 2 and AirPods 2 Pro, go to Rakuten instead, which also offers several big discounts (see below) These wireless headphones AirPods are now recognized as a benchmark in their field. Available in several versions (classic AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max…), these devices are perfect for enjoying your music, whether you have a telephone Android or iOS. It’s not uncommon to find AirPods on sale on Black Friday. Although Apple is not used to participating directly in the event, the brand’s products are sometimes found on promotion on various merchant sites. Have a great shopping session!

BEST products

What deals to watch on the AirPods 1 and 2 on Black Friday?

Even outside of Black Friday, e-commerce sites offer a selection of AirPods regularly on sale. The arrival of the AirPods 3 has clearly lowered the prices of the earlier versions, the 1 and 2 displayed at a reduced price. Here is what the online sales sites offer. These can be a very nice gift as they have become the norm in terms of headphones.

The 3rd generation of AirPods was offered for the last Black Friday at less than 200 euros, a significant discount on the initial price. Prices have gone up a bit since then, but it’s not impossible that new promotions will show up in the next few days. Here’s what you can still find right now:

The AirPods Max were also part of the headphones offered at barred prices during the last great period of Black Friday. Although very expensive when they were launched, these are still excellent today while benefiting from some promotions, even outside of Black Friday.

The AirPods Pro are Apple’s most premium headphone products. They incorporate an active noise reduction mechanism, a “transparency” mode, unique to AirPods. We also find on these wireless headphones a spatial audio mode with dynamic tracking of head movements. Promotions have emerged on the AirPods Pro, here is a selection to judge the price differences at the main merchants.

As a reminder, Black Friday has never really been a key date for Apple, which generally only timidly participates in the operation. On the other hand, it is a major meeting point for retailers such as Amazon, Fnac, CDiscount, Boulanger and Darty. Please note that the prices indicated on this page are for information only and are subject to change.