Thousands of seagulls have perished, and many more are about to die! The reason has been revealed! The risk of infecting people was frightening

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The deaths of seagulls in Ağın district of Elazığ had worried the citizens. After dozens of seagulls were found dead at the water’s edge, teams from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry took action. Samples were taken from dead or nearly dead seagulls from 10 different locations and examined. As a result of the first evaluation made by the institutes, it was determined that NDV was present in the birds, and it was reported that further examinations were continuing. Thousands of seagulls perished on the coast of the Hurşit Bird Forest and on the islet that is the breeding ground for the seagull birds in the region. It was determined that the cause of the deaths, which caused panic among the surrounding citizens, was the Newcastle disease virus (NDV), popularly known as the false plague.