2,500 horsepower electric hypercar from Slovenia: Tushek Aeon

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A 2,500 horsepower electric hypercar model was prepared in Slovenia. The bride looks very assertive Tushek Aeon with meet.

Slovenian car manufacturer TushekDominate the hypercar worldNew electric hypercar model with the motto ” Tushek Aeon It has managed to attract attention with. The ambitious model, whose body design is inspired by a Ferrari at first glance, hides a huge power under its body produced with the aim of high aerodynamic performance. According to the official statement, the vehicle will be offered in two different bases.. The fully electric version has a weight level of less than 1,600 kg. It will bring an incredibly high power of 2,500 horsepower. It is not entirely clear, but it is likely that the vehicle will be built on four different electric motors and will also have a “V8 plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV)” There will be a version. This version has a weight value below 1,480 kg. It will deliver 1,930 horsepower to the road. While the power/weight ratio of this model is announced as 1.3:1, the fully electric version will have a power/weight ratio of 1.7:1. The vehicle, which we have not seen the inside of yet, is shown in two different colors for now and Especially the green color option stands out here. The hypercar, full details of which will be given at the end of September, will most likely have a price of over $ 2 million and will go to only a very small number of people through a small production run. Tushek founder and active CEO speaking about the tool Aljosa Tusek, “Aeon heralds a new dawn in hypercar production, where customization is at the forefront. It is designed specifically for each vehicle owner to create a unique bond. Our launch concept allows customers to completely personalize the interior of the vehicle. “This sets us apart from other suppliers worldwide and ensures that each vehicle is truly unique.” said.