World of Warcraft announces 3 new expansions, reveals the next mega plot

The mega hit at BlizzCon. Blizzard didn’t just introduce one expansion for World of Warcraft, but three!

It was expected that a new expansion for World of Warcraft would be announced at BlizzCon 2023. But Blizzard apparently thought that they had to present a lot more to fans and potential returnees in order to get them excited again. That’s why Chris Metzen quickly announced not just one new expansion, but three!

You can see Benedict’s on-site reaction from BlizzCon here:

Live from BlizzCon 2023: Screaming fans and unexpected announcements

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What are the expansions about? It’s about the “Worldsoul Saga” – the story about Azeroth and the sleeping titan. Because something is wrong there. Where Sargeras put the sword into the world, someone should be killed – Azeroth.

The story will take place over several years and will include the following 3 expansions.

It is a connected storyline. The aim here is to bring together a lot of “loose threads” and bring several stories to a worthy conclusion. That’s why the whole thing is a “mega project” and will include three expansions, which should also be published more quickly.

More information about the individual extensions will be available soon.

Why is Blizzard doing this? Apparently the goal is to tell a continuous, longer story line that extends over several years. This has also been a point of criticism that has come up again and again in recent years. Therefore, it seems only logical to finally take a clear line over a long period of time and tell a coherent, larger story.

What do you think about announcing multiple expansions at once? A bold and interesting step? Or more of an act of desperation?