What do you prefer to play in MMORPGs?

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What kind of content do you prefer in MMOs and MMORPGs? Tell us in this survey whether you are a PvP or PvE player

MMOs thrive on having as many players as possible, and to achieve that they offer their fans different types of content. Typically, this content can be roughly divided into two broad areas: PvP and PvE.

What players like about PvE: PvE (Player versus Environment) is usually understood as the content in which the player faces the challenges of the game alone or in a group.

Classically, this includes endgame monster hunting in the open world, dungeons and raids on different difficulty levels and the like. Above all, the often bombastic staged boss fights are an integral part of many modern MMORPGs.

They provide epic moments when the boss finally lies down after many tries, and give players a strong sense of cooperation and togetherness as a team. Of course, in the end there is also a lot of loot in the form of cool equipment or fancy cosmetic items such as mounts.

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What players like about PvP: PvP (Also Player versus Player), on the other hand, is about measuring yourself against other players. This includes anything where you can butt heads with other people: whether it’s in an arena, in the open world, or in epic sieges and fighting for control of territories.

PvP fans like the competitive approach and the fact that you have real people as opponents. No matter how clever a monster AI can be in an MMORPG, it doesn’t offer the same challenge as an experienced PvP player.

Unrestricted PvP in the open world also offers thrills, because you never know what’s waiting for you behind the next bush. One must always be on guard, because carelessness leads to death.

How to vote: Use the poll tool below to tell us if you’re more of a PvE or PvP player. Each person can only vote once and the choice cannot be undone.

Tell me: What kind of content do you prefer in MMOs? Do you play PvP and PvE content equally, or do you have a strong bias in one direction? Why do you like the content or why don’t you like it? Is it a deal-breaker for you if an MMO completely lacks PvP or PvE?

Let us know in the comments and have fun voting!

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