All power armor and their locations at a glance

In Fallout 76 there are several pieces of power armor with different properties. We give you an overview of all armor and what advantages they can bring you.

What is power armor? This armor is a powerful exoskeleton that can protect you from damage, radiation, and other environmental influences, and even makes you immune to falling damage. In Fallout 76 there are different armors for different level ranges and situations.

Our guide will show you which power armors are available, in which locations you can find them, when you can use them and which locations and dangers they are best suited for.

Update: We updated the article in April 2024 with all new power armor.

How do I get power armor? There are multiple possibilities:

  • You get some armor through quests (Excavator Power Armor, X-01, Ultracite and Hellcat)
  • others can be found at certain locations (depending on the location, a raider power armor or a T-45, T-51b or T60)
  • or you can make the armor (requires the recipes)
  • We explain the locations and properties of the respective armor here in the guide.

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    Perks and skills for the power armor

    This is how your armor benefits from your perks and your skills: There are several perk cards that Power Armor can benefit from. These perks are suitable if you wear armor:

  • Straight through: If you sprint into opponents, you will cause damage. Can be upgraded to rank 3.
  • Repair genius: you can now repair your armor and power armor at 120%, instead of the normal 100%. Can be increased up to 200%.
  • Power Blacksmith: You can now craft advanced power armor.
  • Power flicker: Your power armor is 20% more durable. Can be increased up to 60%.
  • Portable Power: All power armor pieces are reduced in weight by 25%. Can be increased up to 75%.
  • Power user: Fusion Cores last 20% longer. Can be increased up to 60%.
  • Stabilized: When wearing power armor, heavy weapons gain more accuracy and ignore 15/30/45% armor.
  • The higher your Intelligence score, the stronger your crafted power armor is. So they can be better than usual. However, you lose this bonus as wear progresses.

    Here you can find all the perks in the list and tips for using them and how to reset them.

    Power armor: tips and information

    There are a total of eight different types of armor, which differ in their resistances and properties. Below level 50, it’s hardly worth being picky about your power armor. Just take the parts you can get and swap them out when you find better ones.

    How can I even replace the parts? A power armor has a chassis, a type of basic armor. You can attach the actual parts to this armor. Parts attached to a chassis weigh nothing.

    But you have to find power armor stations or make them yourself to customize your armor. This is how you find the blueprint.

    These armors are suitable for low level:

  • RaidersLevels: 15, 25, 35, 45
  • T45Level: 25, 35, 45
  • Our locations guide shows you seven different places where you can find power armor.

    When you reach level 50, things get interesting. From here it makes sense to think more about power armor. We introduce you to all models of power armor.

    The excavator armor

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 45
  • Damage resistance: 240
  • Energy Resistence: 240
  • Protection against radiation: 366
  • Advantage: Increases carrying capacity
  • You can get the excavator armor at these locations: You have to follow a specific series of quests to get the level 25 version of the armor. You can start this quest at the Garrahan Mining Headquarters. This is located in the south of the Ash Heap region.

    In the atrium of the headquarters you will find a poster of the armor. Interact with it and the quest will be activated.

    It’s always worth having excavator armor with you. It increases your inventory capacity by 100 and is therefore suitable as farm armor. It also lets you mine twice as many ores.

    To repair it you will need Black Titanium, which you can find in these locations.

    The Raider Armor

    These are the stats of the power armor:

  • Max level: 45
  • Damage resistance: 160
  • Energy resistance: 160
  • Radiation resistance: 160
  • The values ​​correspond to level 15.

    You can get the Raider armor at these locations: For the raider armor you can complete a quest at the Top of the World. At the end you will receive the armor at level 15.

    Alternatively, you can take a detour to the Pleasant Valley Cabins. You can find armor in a house that looks like an arena. Which parts these are remains random.

    The Raider Armor is the weakest of all and is particularly useful at the beginning and low level. But later you should switch to other armor.

    The T-45 armor

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 233
  • Energy Resistence: 227
  • Protection against radiation: 227
  • The values ​​correspond to level 25.

    You can get the T-45 armor at these locations: There are no fixed locations where you can get the T-45, T-51b and T-60 armor. The three armors share the spawn. So you have to be lucky and hope that you find what you are looking for at the spawn points.

    For this Power Armor you can, for example, check the Morgantown Railway Depot east of Vault 76. The Power Armor is on a train.

    The T-51b armor

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 454
  • Energy Resistence: 454
  • Protection against radiation: 310
  • Advantage: Balanced SR and ER
  • You can get the T-51b armor at these locations: If the aforementioned train depot has already been emptied, you can try your luck not far away at the Morgantown Department Store.

    The T-60 armor

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 400
  • Energy Resistence: 370
  • Protection against radiation: 415
  • Advantage: High radiation resistance
  • You can get the T-60 armor at these locations: As with the T-51b armor, you can’t choose whether you get parts for the T-60. If you’re unlucky at the railroad depot, you can stop by the Moundsville Penitentiary.

    The penitentiary is located north of the railway depot. In the center of the prison you will find the armor in a yellow building.

    The X-01 armor

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 398
  • Energy Resistence: 453
  • Protection against radiation: 453
  • Advantage: Has the highest radiation resistance. You can attach a jetpack to it, which allows you to fly for a while.
  • You can get the X-01 armor at these locations: You will receive the blueprint for this armor when you complete the Enclave quests in the main story. It requires black titanium to repair.

    The Ultracite Armor

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 453
  • Energy Resistence: 393
  • Protection against radiation: 393
  • Advantage: You don’t have to make them yourself. Has a high SR value.
  • You can get the Ultracite armor at these locations: You will receive a complete set when you complete the main quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. It is repaired with the rare material Ultrazit. This is how you can find it.

    The T-65 power armor

    The T-65 came into play with the Wastelanders update. Of all the power armor, this one has the highest energy and physical resistances.

    The T-65 can be seen here in the middle, the flagship of the update.

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 565
  • Energy Resistence: 470
  • Protection against radiation: 470
  • You can get the armor here: You have to make the T-65 yourself. You can get the recipes for the individual parts from Regs in Vault 79 at the Secret Service and you need a total of 6,900 gold bars. In our guide we explain to you how to properly farm gold bars.

    The locations of Samuel (blue), Regs (green) and Mortimer (red). The map is from, the map for everything in Fallout 76.

    The Stranglerheart Power Armor

    With the Nuclear Winter update, the Strangled Heart power armor came into play, originally as a reward for the first raid ever. It has the highest radiation resistance of any power armor in the game.

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 453
  • Energy Resistence: 393
  • Protection against radiation: 500
  • Set advantage: Poisons surrounding enemies and enemies hit by melee attacks.
  • You can get the armor here: Like the T-65, you can get the blueprints for the Stranglerheart armor from Regs in Vault 79. The cost is also 6,900 gold bars for the entire armor.

    The Hellcat power armor

    The Hellcat power armor came to Fallout 76 with the Steel Reign update. The special feature of the armor is that incoming ballistic damage is reduced by a percentage before the game calculates armor. This makes the Hellcat potentially even more powerful than the T-65.

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 436
  • Energy Resistence: 320
  • Protection against radiation: 320
  • Set advantage: Each piece of armor reduces incoming ballistic damage by 2% (12% for all pieces).
  • You can get the armor here: You will receive the blueprints for completing the quest The Catalyst.

    The Union Power Armor

    The Union Power Armor is the newest armor in the game and came with the Expeditions: The Pitt update, which introduced Expeditions as a new activity.

    The Union power armor is probably the worst in the game. It’s expensive, hard to get, and has worse stats than the other armor. Only get them if looks are important to you.

    These are the stats of the Power Armor:

  • Max level: 50
  • Damage resistance: 485
  • Energy Resistence: 295
  • Protection against radiation: 265
  • You can get the armor here: You have to collect stamps for the individual parts. You receive this currency for completing expeditions. You then exchange the stamps for the power armor parts with Guiseppe Della Ripa in Whitesprings.

    This is how you use your power armor correctly: Depending on the situation, it may be worthwhile to have different power armor with you. If you are currently on a farm tour and collecting a lot of resources, you should have the excavator armor with you.

    For regions with high radiation, you should use the X-01 or the Stranglerheart armor. These could be areas that were hit by a nuclear bomb. Maybe you just want to collect ultracite, which can be found in the heavily irradiated cracks.

    If you just want to roam the world and complete missions, the T-51b is probably your first choice, at least until you can afford the /-65. The two armors are the best all-rounders.