trade unionist Jean-Rémy Yama spends his second consecutive May Day in prison

trade unionist Jean Remy Yama spends his second consecutive May Day

In Gabon, it is naturally a public holiday, a day off and with pay today on the occasion of Labor Day, but Dynamique unitaire, the trade union coalition which brings together the majority of Gabonese workers has decided not to participate in any official ceremony. . For good reason, it demands the release of its president Jean-Rémy Yama who, for the second consecutive year, is spending Labor Day in the central prison of Libreville.

With our correspondent in Libreville, Yves Laurent Goma

At the headquarters of the trade union coalition Dynamique unitaire, morale is not looking good. The management team has just finalized the manifesto which will be read in front of the activists expected on Monday. main claim, the release of Jean-Rémy Yama.

All Gabonese workers call for the unconditional release of Jean-Rémy Yama. Not only his release, but also his rehabilitation in the body of teacher-researcher because Jean-Rémy Yama was arbitrarily struck off the staff of the public service. It is a shame for the Gabonese State which still acts by brutal methods to silence trade union expression in Gabon. “says Roger Abessolo, interim president of Dynamique unitaire.

Known for his outspokenness, Jean-Rémy Yama was arrested on March 2, 2022 at Libreville airport as he was leaving for treatment in Senegal. He is prosecuted for fraud, breach of trust and embezzlement of funds intended for the construction of a city of teachers in the capital. Accusations rejected by his comrades.

The government is just using legal tricks to corner Jean-Rémy Yama. He has never embezzled money from a real estate company, he is just a victim of his union tone “, insists Roger Abessolo.

The case is in the hands of justice, the authorities did not wish to speak.