To maintain an athletic figure at 50, Letizia from Spain practices this little-known exercise…

To maintain an athletic figure at 50 Letizia from Spain

Letizia from Spain flaunts an athletic body that she owes to an intense sports routine and a strict diet. Discover the slimming secrets of the Queen of Spain.

Muscular arms, steel abs, slender legs and slender silhouette: Letizia from Spain never ceases to reveal her strengths during her official outings. To secure this stunning body at 50the former journalist practices a particular type of yoga.

Letizia from Spain bets on Iyengar yoga

Since entering the Spanish Royal Family in 2004, Letizia Ortiz has shone with her sophisticated outfits, impeccable beauty and toned physique. His secret:an intense sports routine”, as her sister Telma Ortiz Rocasolano had pointed out in the magazine Vida y Estilo. Among the sporting activities practiced by the Queen of Spain are running, boxing, zumba or bodybuilding. But his favorite discipline is Iyengar yogaa little-known type of yoga that is nevertheless very effective. “Letizia practices Iyengar yoga for ten years. In this form of yoga, everything revolves around the correct posture of the body, perfect breathing and attention to oneself.“, added the queen’s sister. Bayu Prihandito, a yoga teacher, explained the benefits of Iyengar yoga to the MailOnline : “Physically, it improves flexibility, balance and overall body strength. This practice targets various muscle groups including the arms, core and legs, providing full body strength and toning.“.

Letizia from Spain follows the Perricone diet

To complete her healthy routine, the wife of Felipe VI follows a strict diet.She also drinks at least 3 liters of water a day. […] She also has a very balanced diet. She completely forbids herself to eat chocolate, sweets or fatty meats. said Telma Ortiz Rocasolano. The slimming secret of Letizia from Spain : the Perricone diet, imagined by dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. Rich in essential fatty acids and lean proteins, the Perricone diet emphasizes anti-inflammatory foods, such as salmon, nuts, green vegetables or spices. Results: healthy weight loss and visibly more beautiful skin. Here is the slimming combo that seems to work wonders on Letizia from Spain!