The police demolish the hash shops in Christiania

The police demolish the hash shops in Christiania
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full screen A defaced container at the entrance to Pusher Street in the Christiania sanctuary in Copenhagen in September 2023. Stock photography. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Now the hash shops on the notorious pusher street in Christiania are to be demolished by the Copenhagen police.

“With Wednesday’s closure, we are sending a first signal that Pusher Street is facing a significant change,” says Simon Hansen, deputy police inspector, in a press release.

Wednesday’s action is the first of a series of temporary closures of the street stump that the police will carry out, writes the authority. When hashish sales on the street will be stopped completely is unclear.

Residents of Christiania have for some time wanted Pusher Street to be closed. This after a series of acts of violence – in the last two years, three people have been murdered in the area. The last fatal shooting of a gang leader took place on August 26 this year. Then four others, who happened to be there, were also hit in the shooting.