The game of the NHL star went into a spin, the surprising trick of the basic deck made jaws drop

The game of the NHL star went into a spin

We went through the entire Finnish World Cup group and divided the group into three castes. Most of the players succeeded reasonably well, but this time the whole and the efficiency were not enough for the medal games.

TAMPERE. The Lions World Cup ended on Thursday with a 1-4 loss to Canada in the quarter-final game. Finland played the fateful match reasonably well, but the results fell short and the trip was interrupted before the medal games for the first time in five years.

The Lions’ team had a few successful players in the tournament, but most of them played mediocre hockey. Especially NHL players would have needed more goals. Mikko Rantanen amazingly stayed in the zero club, but otherwise carried his role well.

We broke down Finland’s entire World Cup team player by player.

The best of the bunch

Nikolas Matipalo


game time: 11.16 (per match)

powers: 1+2=3, +5

A good season was seen in the defensive defender’s grip. Was sharp and adapted to the WC level after getting used to the first game. Going to try in the NHL.

Mikko Rantanen


game time: 18:53

powers: 0+9=9, -1

Built places and took responsibility, but the chain didn’t take off. The pain of scoring increased game by game. He kept his stomach rumbling in the interviews, even though he was bilious.

Kasperi Kapanen


game time: 15.17

powers: 3+2=5, +8

It could have doubled its power. He put himself in the league and got places against big countries as well. Nicely on the plus side. Talking to the media wasn’t interesting after the Canada game.

Antti Suomela


game time: 15.43

powers: 1+3=4, +4

A groin problem messed up the tournament. Towards the end, he got into the game and dared to make moves. Relax with the puck. The successes in the SHL shined through the game.

Department middle caste

Emil Larmi


playing time: 6 matches and a total of 361 minutes.

statistics: save percentage 91.78, goals conceded average 1.99.

The god mode seen in Sweden’s finals evaporated in the home games. Didn’t disappoint, but Canada’s opening goal should have been caught.

Ville Pokka


game time: 12:30 p.m

powers: 1+1=2, +1

A surprising missile goal into the Danish net made jaws drop. Otherwise, he stayed in the shadows and took care of the basics properly again.

Olli Määttä


game time: 18.00

powers: 0+5, +1

Vire looked good. He wasn’t completely comfortable with his puck role because he plays a different game in the NHL.

Mikko Lehtonen


game time: 19.27

powers: 2+3=5, +1

The team’s playing time. It didn’t always stay in the core, sometimes the right rhythm was lost. Still an important piece.

Niklas Friman


game time: 10.15

powers: 0+2=2, +2

A smooth finisher who plays emphatically with his head first. There were no highlights.

Mikael Seppälä


game time: 1:40 p.m

powers: 0+3=3, +2

Collected all his power against Denmark. Does everything to the full, slippery attackers poison.

Marko Anttila


game time: 11.33

powers: 2+1=3, +2

Found himself again in Leijon after a difficult league season. Got a well-deserved and touching farewell from the home crowd.

Hannes Björninen


game time: 1:25 p.m

powers: 1+4=5, +1

The business is not the best, but your place with the placement. Specialist in kick-offs (63.5 percent) and underweight.

Ahti Oksanen


game time: 12.12

powers: 2+1=3, +3

The surprise of the spring rapped two world-class shots. It’s amazing when you played Patrik Laine with number 29.

Sakari Manninen


game time: 19:00

powers: 3+4=7, +3

The skills and attitude are there, but the chemistry of the first fist is lost. It’s difficult for Sentter when the conductor of the chain was the pier (Rantanen).

Teemu Hartikainen


game time: 18.18

powers: 4+1=5, +1

Leijon has the most assists (28) and goals. Protected the puck and went to the goal. Should have been in a different chain than Rantanen.

Harri Pesonen


game time: 2:40 p.m

powers: 1+2=3, +1

Wasn’t at his best, but kept the flame going and got a cooler. Was the National Team career of the 34-year-old fighter here?

Now it didn’t work out

Miika Koivisto


game time: 13.01

powers: 0+2=2, +2

He rarely snaps, but now he looked fragile under pressure. The common pot would have needed more, considering the structure of the package.

Atte Ohtamaa


game time: 17.10

powers: 2+1=3, -1

The long-term credit portfolio is not at the level of its peak years. Reads the game ok, but the rush comes with and without the puck.

Juho Lammikko


game time: 13.26

powers: 2+1=3, +1

The rough center couldn’t get its chain to work. Against Canada was the receiving party. The first World Cup goals are a plus.

Joel Armia


game time: 3:34 p.m

powers: 2+1=3, -5

Got into the position of a bit of an interloper in casting. A great shot into the Hungarian net, but it didn’t go well in big games.

Kaapo Kako


game time: 16.05

powers: 1+5=6, +1

He didn’t get the success he was looking for from the World Championships. Spin with the puck, but the winning actions were few and far between.

Jere Sallinen


game time: 14.57

powers: 0+1=1, -5

Was in the wrong place in the middle of the second chain when Suomela was missing. Understandably dropped out of the playing lineup.

No rating: Jussi Olkinuora, Christian Heljanko, Waltteri Merelä.