The risk analyst sees investment in the defense budget

The defense committee proposes that the defense budget increase by 211 billion in the coming years. A far from sufficient addition, as seen by risk analyst Johan Wiktorin.
– We have a very bad starting position, he says.

The money will, among other things, go to more conscripts and investments in the air defense. The subsidy is estimated to reach 2.6 percent of the country’s GDP in 2030.

But risk analyst Johan Wiktorin thinks it is far from enough.

– We have a very bad starting position and the defense has been on the backburner for a very long time.

Sweden is behind

NATO’s goal is for member states to invest 2 percent of GDP on defense spending.

– We must not forget that for 25 years we were below NATO’s target. In addition, the government describes this as the worst security policy situation since 1945.

Johan Wiktorin says that they have not guarded themselves in the defense budget, and refers to the fact that the members of the defense committee themselves highlighted that there is uncertainty.

– It is only now that the two percent level is passed, ten years after Ukraine attacked Russia for the first time.

“It’s a little out of step”

He also sees that the defense investment will prove to be insufficient in just one year.

– It’s a little out of step. In six months, NATO will come with its major capability requirements on Sweden and then we will have to acquire even more air defenses, I am quite convinced of that.