The EU may ban A tractors next year

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Swedish rules on A-tractors do not comply with EU vehicle laws and the EU Commission has demanded answers from the government, reports The World of Technology. If the answers are judged to be unsatisfactory, it could all end with A tractors potentially being banned.

But Infrastructure Minister Andreas defends the Swedish rules for A-tractors.

– A-tractors are important to many people in Sweden and the government does not consider it to be in conflict with the EU’s driving license directive. Now the government is also urgently preparing stricter rules for the safety of A-tractors, says the infrastructure minister to TV4 Nyheterna.

According to the newspaper, it is an industry organization for mopeds that has drawn the attention of the European Commission to the fact that in Sweden it is enough to have a so-called AM driver’s license – the driver’s license required to drive a so-called EU moped – to drive an A-tractor.

There are around 50,000 A tractors in Sweden.