the AirPods 3 already displayed on sale, the best offers on Apple headphones

the AirPods 3 already displayed on sale the best offers

BLACK FRIDAY AIRPODS. The AirPods 3 are benefiting from the first interesting offers as Black Friday 2023 approaches, a few weeks after the release of the new generation of AirPods Pro 2. We take stock of the first online promotions.

It is one of the flagship products of each edition of the Black Friday and the 2023 vintage should be no exception to the rule. AirPods, Apple’s famous little headphones, are eagerly awaited. A stone’s throw from the big day, scheduled for Friday November 24, the first great promotions are online and it may be very interesting to seize the opportunity today, taking advantage of still substantial stocks.

If the brand new AirPods Pro 2, just released in September 2023, will be sought after, models from previous generations will undoubtedly benefit from the biggest discounts. We therefore expect a lot from offers from merchants on the AirPods 3, the latest generation appearing in 2021, or on the first generation AirPods Pro.

This week, the first flash sales are actually already online! If you are looking for AirPods 3, it is possible to earn precious euros. Where Apple generally sells its headphones for 199 euros, several online sales sites including the giant Amazon are offering them at a reduced price at the moment.

After a classic AirPods model displayed at 99 euros in recent days, now comes the AirPods 2 displayed at reduced prices on several online sales sites, including CDiscount. It’s obviously not the latest generation but it’s undoubtedly the best way to take advantage of low prices while still getting headphones of recognized quality.

BEST products

The AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C charging case and MagSafe compatibility are most often offered at a price of 279 euros. It is this price that you will have to scrutinize during Black Friday to try to take advantage of good deals on Apple’s latest high-end headphones.

The 3rd generation of AirPods was released at the end of 2021. Its short history therefore allows it to now benefit from interesting promotions, even if the best prices will undoubtedly be on the side of the AirPods 2. Here is what we can find it right now a few days before Black Friday 2023.

AirPods Pro are Apple’s most premium headphone products. They integrate an active noise reduction mechanism, a “transparency” mode, unique to AirPods. We also find on these wireless earphones a spatial audio mode with dynamic head movement tracking. They are therefore logically much more expensive but promotions still take place on these AirPods Pro. Here is a selection to judge the price differences at the main merchants a few days before Black Friday 2023.

The AirPods Max are also still part of the headphones offered at regularly discounted prices as the end-of-year holidays approach. Although very expensive when they were launched, they are still excellent today. Less popular than AirPods, “Max” headsets should benefit from some promotions for this Black Friday 2023 vintage.

As a reminder, Black Friday has never really been a key date for Apple, which generally participates only timidly in the operation. On the other hand, it is a major meeting place for resellers such as Amazon, Fnac, CDiscount, Boulanger and Darty. Please note, the prices indicated on this page are indicative and are subject to change. This article will be updated before, for, and after Black Friday.