Shutterstock releases an AI-centric image generator

Shutterstock releases an AI centric image generator

OpenAI artificial intelligence system developed by DALL-E 2 in particular Shutterstock announced an important step forward.

Winning many different competitors recently OpenAI signed DALL-E 2 technology continues to evolve. For those who are not yet masters, this system can turn simple sentences written into realistic designs / drawings / photographs. The system, which has been developed for a long time and can produce very realistic results at the last stage, also has the capacity to add objects to certain photos or change the faces of the people in the photos. The system is not content with just giving a photo result for the entered sentences. It can bring many different variations to people. These systems Although they offer impressive results, they are receiving backlash on some issues.. Even prohibition steps are taken for the results produced by these systems. For example, last month, one of the world’s stock photography giants Getty Images had taken a step. Company Banned the entry of content produced by artificial intelligence systems to the platform. At that time, no direct announcement was made, but Shutterstock It was said that the company started to implement a similar decision.


Shutterstock this issue came up again today because the company DALL-E 2 developing the system Unveiled the fruit of partnership with Open AI. DALL-E 2 technology under this partnership Integrated into Shutterstock, directly here An AI-centric image generator has been released. Briefly, the following explanation has been added to this system: “Creativity that catches up with your imagination. Shutterstock is collaborating with OpenAI and LG to bring AI-generated content to everyone.” The results from the DALL-E 2 based production process, which is open to everyone, May be sold as stock photo.

As you know, the content produced by DALL-E 2 basically uses photos or designs taken by others. The artificial intelligence system is trained with these visuals. In the new era, if the photos taken by a user are used by DALL-E 2 and the output produced by DALL-E 2 is sold as stock photos, the person who used the photo in the training / creation process will also receive payment, as well as the main person who produced the content. In this way, a double-sided gain will be achieved.