Samsung is developing an ‘augmented reality’ headset

Samsung closes 2022 with a serious profit drop

South Korea-based technology giant Samsung is an “augmented reality” title as it emerges today. is developing.

SamsungIn recent years, AR and VR have not come to the fore at all. As far as we have learned today, the company is a company that will melt the foundations of virtual, mixed and augmented reality in one pot. “extended reality” Working on the title. This product, which does not have many details yet, has been developed by Google according to leaks. It is based on an Android version developed specifically for the VR world.. Samsung, which has accelerated its cooperation with Google in recent years, has given its strength to the title it has prepared. Qualcomm Passing the information to give with the signed processor. Specific to this title Meta and Microsoft The company, which is claimed to be able to establish a partnership with “metaverse” It can attract a lot of attention with a strong title, especially for the future. With such a product, Samsung has a chance to reach a very wide user base, and after being silent on this issue, it is possible that an ambitious and relatively affordable option will emerge.


The name that will blow up this area, the biggest force pushing Samsung in this area is of course Apple. of the firm Mixed reality headset called Reality Pro, According to Mark Gurman, a solid source for Apple, it will be held ahead of WWDC. will be launched as part of a spring event. The product, which is very important for the future of Apple and the AR / VR industry, according to the report shared last week. It will allow people to create augmented reality apps / games without any coding using Siri. It is reported that Apple developed a special software infrastructure for this, and it is claimed that it is based on the technology of Canadian company Fabric Software, which it bought in 2017.