Masked singer episode six: The pirate shark gets to leave

After a battle against the Princess Cake, it is the Pirate Shark who is forced to leave and show his face to the panel and viewers. Under the mask hides a famous actor and TV chef: Per Morberg.

Pernilla Wahlgren guesses that Per Morberg is the Pirate Shark already after the first song. At the end of the program, even Felix Herngren is absolutely certain that it is the actor hiding under the mask. The panel is at full capacity when the person is to be revealed.

– Is it or not? I panic, I panic, says Pernilla Wahlgren.

Pernilla Wahlgren has been gone the episodes that Pirate Shark was previously on stage. When the mask is removed, she shouts out loud.

– You just had to come in, Pernilla, to cut it. My wife said she is the best of all, says Per Morberg.

Morberg says that he has hunted with several of the panelists, including Henrik Schyffert, who replaced Pernilla Wahlgren during one episode. He is surprised that no one guessed correctly.

– When Henrik sat in for Pernilla the first time here, I thought: Here are all my hunting buddies and they can’t hatch it.

“You’re a nice player”

Pernilla Wahlgren explains how she understood that Morberg was hiding under the mask.

– First it was the clues with the food, then it was your hip language. I’ve seen your program when you cook and you’re a nice player, I recognized that.

The panel has guessed at many different names, including Dragomir Mrsic, Peter Stormare and Johan Glans.

– Which guess have you been most disappointed with? asks Felix Herngren.

– With my degree of self-absorption, everyone is, replies Per Morberg.

Turned down Herngren’s series

The clue “Five mermaids” refers to Per Morberg having five daughters. One of the daughters, Alida Morberg, has acted in the TV series “Solsidan”, which Felix Herngren co-created.

Per Morberg says that he was asked to be in the series and play himself, but that he refused.

– It was too silly, yes, but here you can stand in a shark suit and sing and dance, absolutely, jokes Felix Herngren.

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