Red Bull has landed a plane on the helipad above the Burj Al Arab

Red Bull has landed a plane on the helipad above

It is among the first brands that come to mind when it comes to action sports. red bull is located. The company took a very strange step this time. before us.

redbull, “no way” He continues to sign shows that make you say. This time, the company surprised again, and it is located on the top of the iconic hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. plane landed on helipad. In this respect “The world’s shortest runway we landed” In the process, the company that made the announcement designed a special propeller plane (which can stay in the air at low speeds).weighs 425 kg) used. The pilot behind this challenging mission Luke CzepielaAccording to the statement made by the company, it was full to land on the 27-meter diameter helipad at the top of the 56-floor hotel. Made more than 650 test landings. Czepiela, who only had 20.76 meters to stop and did this without any problems, as you can see in the video below, probably had one of the craziest jobs of his career. Landing with this plane was also made by “jumping down” from the helipad.


The company has made a sound with a Turkey-based step before, It came to the fore when he flew airplanes inside the Çatalca tunnels. According to Red Bull Turkey’s statement Red Bull’s athlete Dario CostaPassed the distance of 2.26 km through the T1 and T2 tunnels in Çatalca in just 43.44 seconds, opening a new page in the history of aviation. Guinness World Records He entered the Book of Records. The following was conveyed by the company about the flight, which you can see in the video below: “The record attempt took place in the Northern Marmara Motorway, Çatalca Mevki T1 and T2 tunnels. In almost darkness and closely surrounded by walls of concrete arcs, Costa made a difficult take-off inside the first tunnel, rose from an open-air void, and then At a height of 70 centimeters to 1 meter flying, average hourly in the second tunnel to a speed of 245 kilometers reached and continued its flight.”

Departing from the first tunnel, Costa reaches the end of the second tunnel. in 43.44 seconds reached. traveled a distance of 2,260 meters and reached an average speed of 245 kilometers per hour.” After this unforgettable success, Costa said:Everything happened so fast. When I came out of the first tunnel, the plane started to move to the right due to the cross winds and everything slowed down in my mind at that moment. I reacted immediately and focused on getting the plane on the right track to enter the other tunnel. Then everything in my mind sped up again.”