Picnic fun turned into a nightmare! He couldn’t walk for 8 months because of the chicken he ate.

Picnic fun turned into a nightmare He couldnt walk for

Rümeysa Bingöl, a 23-year-old university student living in Malatya, went on a picnic with her friends a month ago. Bingöl, who had a nice day at the picnic, got sick after a while and was taken to a hospital in the city. Bingöl, who was discharged after her treatment there, became ill again at night. The young girl, who felt the loss of strength that started in her arms in a short time throughout her body, was restricted in her walking movement, and was treated in the hospital where she was brought by her family.

Numbness started in his arms and feet after the picnic

Rümeysa Bingöl, who noted that the picnic she went with her friends turned into a nightmare, “Last year, on May 24, we went to a picnic with our friends at school. The other day, numbness started in my arms and feet. After a while, I couldn’t move my arms and feet at all. When we went to the university hospital, they injected muscle relaxants, which was on my body. The poison spread more. I collapsed on the floor while trying to get up at night. I couldn’t get up. We came to the Training and Research Hospital, all the tests were done, but the results were clean. They took me under observation, then my respiratory muscles were gone, then I was taken to the intensive care unit and intubated. I was intubated for 22 days, intensively for four and a half months. “I stayed in the care. Then I came to the physical therapy service. Here, too, our teachers supported me. They helped me to stand up and walk. I can take a step now. The happiness of the time I started to take a step cannot be described. I thought that I would never be able to take a step. The happiness of the time I started to take a step cannot be described.”

FOUR AND AND A half months in intensive care

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Father Şükrü Bingöl, who noted that Rümeysa became ill after the meal she ate at the picnic, said, “My daughter suddenly became ill after the picnic she went to with her friends in May and lost her muscle strength. Weakness occurred first in the right arm, then in the hands and feet, she. So we went to the university hospital and they sent it back because there was nothing there. In the night of the same day, my daughter was unable to stand up and we took her to the Training and Research Hospital. They were then taken to the intensive care unit urgently. He was in intensive care for four and a half months. Then they took him to the physical therapy unit. He has been in the physical therapy unit for three and a half months. We have the excitement and happiness of getting up and walking for about 4 days. We are looking forward to the day when my daughter will be able to stand up again, seeing the results of the treatments. I would like to thank all the staff of the hospital, from doctors to physical therapists,” he said.


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Physiotherapist Tuğba Karabulut, who stated that they evaluated the situation that caused Rümeysa’s illness as food poisoning, said, “We have been continuing the treatment of Rümeysa in our physical therapy rehabilitation center for about 4 months. Rümeysa applied to our hospital due to botulinum toxin. She went through intensive care before. He experienced significant loss of strength in his facial muscles, swallowing and all the muscles that allow him to move his whole body.After his general condition stabilized, he was treated in our physical therapy clinic for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.Since then, we have made great progress with appropriate physical therapy and rehabilitation methods. The situation that causes Rümeysa’s discomfort is due to food poisoning, a toxic event that develops when she eats chicken.Botulinum toxin canned poisoning, expired foods, healthy food chain incomplete protein products, meat and dairy products are caused by them. ” he spoke


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Stating that Rümeysa started walking again after about 8 months, Physiotherapist Talha Ersöz said, “Rümeysa came to our service after an intensive care period of 4 and a half months. When he came to the physical therapy ward, he came here with a lack of movement in quadriplegia of all four extremities. We have provided him with the necessary rehabilitation services in our service for about 3 and a half months. We continued our exercises together. At the stage we have reached today, it has now started to take its own steps independently,” he said.