Our list of the best & worst movies

Our list of the best worst movies

Updated February 1, 2023: We got our MCU ranking with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever updated.

What is the best movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We sat down in the Moviepilot editorial office and talked about Hollywood’s biggest franchise. The MCU has been constantly expanding since it was launched in 2008 with Iron Man. There have been some great posts, but also some disappointing ones.

These questions were at the forefront of the ranking:

  • How important is the film to them? design of the franchise?
  • Does he have a specific style shaped?
  • he breaks out usual patterns the end?
  • I would without him break MCU?
  • At first it seemed unbelievable: Marvel characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor were supposed to be introduced in individual films before colliding in one big Avengers adventure. No studio has taken such a risk before. However, Marvel boss Kevin Feige has stuck to his vision.

    There is now not just one, but four Avengers films, not to mention the whole series about the individual superheroes. In addition, even series extend the MCU to Disney+. However, this ranking should only be about the films and how they stand in direct comparison to each other.

    Below you will find our big MCU ranking. Of course, we’re also curious to see what your list of the best and worst MCU films looks like.

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