Netflix’s best and longest-running sci-fi series continues – even though the last season was harshly criticized

Netflixs best and longest running sci fi series continues even though

Since 2012, Black Mirror has been delivering mini-dystopias and horror stories that sometimes exaggerate current events more, sometimes less. The British series has been running under the Netflix umbrella since 2016. After a long break, the 6th season was released this year, in which the streaming service itself came under the satirical gun of creator Charlie Brooker. As Variety reports, the anthology series is going into a 7th round.

What is known about Black Mirror season 7?

Production on Black Mirror Season 7 is scheduled to begin this year. That’s why one Starting in 2024 definitely within the realm of possibility. The well-rehearsed showrunner trio Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhodes are set to return. But after that it gets thin: There are no details about the cast, the plot of the individual episodes and the number of episodes is not yet known.

Also: Will Black Mirror address a criticism that upset fans in Season 6?


Black Mirror

Black Mirror didn’t have enough sci-fi in season 6, fans thought

With a community rating of 8.3, Black Mirror is the best sci-fi series produced by Netflix on Moviepilot. But how much sci-fi was there in season 6? Not enough for some fans who demanded, among other things: “Just put it down.”

Black Mirror tells a new story in every episode. However, only two of the five episodes from Season 6 had clear sci-fi plots: Beyond the Sea and Joan is Awful. The remaining episodes were more in the satire and fantasy area. This change was, according to Brooker “conscious decision”because:

There was a risk that people [Black Mirror] as a ‘technology-is-evil’ series – I found that a bit frustrating. Because the show doesn’t say technology is bad, it says people are fucked up.

That means: Little will change in the direction of Black Mirror in season 7. On Netflix you can stream all 6th Black Mirror seasons and the special Bandersnatch.