Netflix is ​​interrupting one of its best series – but even super fans should understand the reason for the Cobra Kai stop

Netflix is ​​interrupting one of its best series but

Work on new Cobra Kai episodes has only recently begun. The sequel to the ’80s Karate Kid series became an acclaimed hit on Netflix. Season 6 is supposed to be the last. However, the waiting time for the final episodes is growing. The reason: The Writer’s Room, in which the screenplays are created, is frozen. Hollywood screenwriters have been on strike since Tuesday.

Cobra Kai is probably the first of many Netflix series to feel the effects of the walkout.

“Unfortunately necessary”: The Cobra Kai showrunner supports the script strike

The Screenwriters Union (WGA) called on its members to go on strike on Tuesday. Several thousand authors of films, series and shows are stopping work indefinitely. The last time there was a strike of this size in Hollywood was in 2007. The trigger was the economic situation of the authors, which became increasingly worse in the streaming age.

Jon Hurwitz runs the Cobra Kai Writer’s Room. He supports the measures in a Twitter post, although the effects are frustrating for fans at first. be “not fun times, but unfortunately it is necessary.” Hurwitz promises: As soon as one “fair deal” available, the team will get back to work.

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How long is the Cobra Kai hiatus?

How long work on Cobra Kai Season 6 will be suspended depends on how long the strike lasts. The strike, in turn, lasts until the two parties have agreed on new terms. And the fronts are hardened. Experts are currently assuming that the strike will last until autumn 2023. The last strike in 2007/2008 lasted three and a half months.

Which Netflix series are also affected?

Of the major Netflix series, Stranger Things Season 5 is also likely to feel the impact of the strike, albeit not quite as severely. Work on the books has been going on since November. Filming was scheduled to begin in the summer, with a slight delay likely. Series like The Witcher (Season 3), The Umbrella Academy (Season 4) and Bridgerton (Season 3) have already been wrapped and will be released as planned.