Montpellier – OM: thanks to its victory, Marseille consolidates its place on the podium

Montpellier OM thanks to its victory Marseille consolidates its

Montpellier-OM. In a long balanced match, Marseille finally won thanks to goals from Nuno Tavares and Maxime Estève against his camp while Téji Savanier had reduced the score. Note the exclusion of Tavares and the injury exit of Jonathan Clauss.

22:00 – End of the live!

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21:45 – Marseille is scared

After a very tight and very closed period, OM opened the scoring thanks to Nuno Tavares shortly after returning from the locker room. If Maxime Estève scored against his camp allowing Marseille to make the break, the Olympians scared themselves after the exclusion of Nuno Tavares. Téji Savanier maintained hope for the MHSC by scoring a penalty. A hope in vain for the Montpellier residents who get no points. After this success, Marseille consolidates its place on the Ligue 1 podium while Montpellier continues to stagnate in the second part of the table.

21:35 – 100 appearances in Ligue 1 for Joris Chotard

Coming into play this evening against OM, Joris Chotard became at 21 years and 3 months the youngest player in history to reach 100 Ligue 1 matches with Montpellier.

21:25 – A record OM

After 17 Ligue 1 days, Marseille have 36 points this season, only doing better once at this stage in the 21st century: 38 in 2014/15 (4th in the end).

21:15 – The Marseillais savor

After the victory in Montpellier, the Marseille players celebrated with the few supporters who came to La Mosson.

21:05 – Marseille consolidates its place on the podium

By winning in Montpellier (2-1), Olympique de Marseille remains four points behind RC Lens and eight behind Paris Saint-Germain. Thanks to this success, the Marseillais also have a three-point lead over AS Monaco.

20:55 – The players are done in Montpellier (1-2)

An indisputable domination in terms of ball possession (62% against 38%), a total of shots on target in his favor (7 shots on target against 1), and of course the advantage on the mark (1-2): Olympique Marseille led this game perfectly. The Montpellier HSC is now obliged to react to hope for better in the next deadlines.

20:54 – Under on the floor

In the fight in the air with Arnaud Souquet, Cengiz Under is hit by the defender. Stunned, the Turk remains on the ground.

20:52 – Mavididi offside

Found in the box after a cross from Maxime Estève, Stephy Mavididi was finally flagged offside.

20:51 – Four minutes of added time

Four minutes of play are added to the regulation time of the second period of this Montpellier – OM.

20:49 – Penalty converted by Teji Savanier (1-2)!

And it is Teji Savanier who is responsible for putting this penalty in the background for Montpellier HSC! The ball ends up in the opposing nets and the score goes to 1 to 2 at the Stade de la Mosson.

20:48 – Pau Lopez commits the irreparable in the surface!

90ᵉ. Montpellier HSC obtains a penalty following a foul committed by Pau Lopez, while we are playing the 90th minute of play in this match!

20:46 – Red card for Nuno Tavares (Olympique Marseille)!

88ᵉ. Tempers flare in this Montpellier – OM! While Olympique Marseille is ahead on the scoreboard, Ruddy Buquet shows a red card to Nuno Tavares who will leave his team at 10 for the end.

20:45 – The referee has made his decision!

87ᵉ. After appealing to the VAR, Ruddy Buquet makes his final decision: red card for @[email protected]!

20:45 – Red card pending at the Stade de la Mosson

87ᵉ. Are we heading for an eviction? Ruddy Buquet has a doubt about the last fact of the game and appeals to the VAR.

20:45 – It will be red this time for Olympique Marseille!

86ᵉ. The referee takes a red card out of his pocket for Nuno Tavares, the Olympique Marseille player, warned for the second time today!

20:44 – Nuno Tavares excluded!

While Nuno Tavares and Christopher Jullien came to blows after a bad gesture from the Portuguese on Arnaud Souquet, Ruddy Buquet warned the MHSC defender of a yellow card before excluding OM’s first scorer.

20:44 – VAR sees no fault

86ᵉ. After appealing to the VAR following a contentious gesture, Ruddy Buquet shares his verdict: no red card for Montpellier HSC.

20:43 – Will Ruddy Buquet show a red card?

85ᵉ. The game is stopped at the Stade de la Mosson: Ruddy Buquet hesitates to signal a red card for Montpellier HSC and calls on his colleagues from the video.

20:42 – Chotard saves the 3-0

The MHSC is on the verge of knockout. Guendouzi shifts Tavares, who tries to hook the last defender instead of shooting in first intention. The Portuguese loses the ball before it then returns to Ünder. The Turk strikes from the left and deceives Omlin, but not Chotard, who throws himself and pushes back with the shoulder.

20:40 – Germain enters the game

With ten minutes left to play, Elye Wahi gave way to Valère Germain at the forefront of the Montpellier attack.

20:39 – Omlin saves the 3-0!

After a good free kick obtained by Guendouzi, Alexis Sanchez tries his luck. The Chilean sees his attempt stopped by Jonas Omlin on his left.

20:36 – Leroy imprecise

Found in midfield, Leo Leroy fails to adjust his through pass for Cozza. The side of the MHSC quickly stops his race, seeing the ball finish in six meters.

20:33 – Nobody at the reception of a good center

While Cozza had sent an excellent center in the Marseille area, no one could be at the reception. Leroy tried his luck after recovering the ball, to no avail.

20:30 – Guendouzi countered at the last moment

Found in the penalty area, Mattéo Guendouzi saw his right foot shot finally countered by the Montpellier defense.

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Montpelier: Omlin (G) – Sacko – Jullien – Esteve – Maoussa – Ferri – Leroy – Savanier – Nordin – Wahi – Mavididi.

Om: P.Lopez (G) – Mbemba – Balerdi – Kolasinac – Clauss – Rongier – Veretout – Tavares – Ünder – Sanchez – Payet.