Do you have too little pension? Compare yourself to the average

Do you have too little pension Compare yourself to the

Anyone approaching retirement has a lot to keep in order.

And for those who choose to retire early and have a guaranteed pension, the so-called 66-year-old rule risks becoming an obstacle.

When the guarantee pension is to be calculated, it is done as if you took your pension when you were 66 – regardless of how old you are. This leads to a higher income amount in the calculations, and a lower guaranteed pension for you.

But do you know how much money you lose by stopping work before the target age, which will be introduced from 2026?

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Don’t forget this – before you retire

Another important detail to keep an eye on is how to get your pension paid out. It is not something that happens automatically, as many people think.

Instead, you need to actively apply via the Pensions Authority to have the public pension paid out, how much of it you want and from when it will take place.

Here you can read more about the pension economist’s important advice.

Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TTIt controls how much pension you get

How much money you get in retirement is governed by several factors: how long you worked, what your salary was during your working life, how much your employers set aside for you in occupational pensions and how much you saved yourself, to name a few.

There is therefore no doubt that the standard of living for pensioners in Sweden can differ quite a lot. But there is still a cut, which The Pensions Authority presents on its website.

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That’s how much Swedish pensioners get out every month

Smoking fresh figures show the average public pension before tax for residents in Sweden is as follows:

  • All: SEK 16,200 per month
  • Women: SEK 15,000 per month
  • Men: SEK 17,500 per month
  • The figures are from January 2024 and are before tax.

    In the list above, only the general pension was included. The total pension also includes occupational pension and own savings. Then the sum is higher.

  • All: SEK 21,600 per month
  • Women: SEK 18,200 per month
  • Men: SEK 25,500 per month
  • The figures are the latest available at the Pensions Authority and are from 2022. The sums are before tax.


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