New horror film with Russell Crowe has been ready for 5 (!) years, but we’re only getting to see it now

New horror film with Russell Crowe has been ready for

Oscar winner Russell Crowe played a demon-exorcising priest in The Pope’s Exorcist just last year. However, another exorcism horror film with him was already in the can much earlier, but it still takes until summer of this year to finally come to cinemas.

After all, there is now a diabolical trailer for it to see who wants to scare us again with devilish matters. But as the good book says: Don’t be afraid!

When Russell Crowe’s horror film deals with the devil

Crowe isn’t technically playing a real priest in the upcoming The Exorcism, but rather an actor named Anthony Miller who is starring in a supernatural horror film in which he plays a spiritual exorciser of devils. His life begins to fall apart and his daughter Lee (Ryan Simpkins) wonders whether he is falling back into his old addictive behavior or whether something sinister is going on.

You can watch the trailer for The Exorcism here:

The Exorcism: Trailer (English) HD

In any case, some characters in the trailer seem to be aware that the devil can sometimes be involved in supposedly cursed film productions like The Exorcist or The Omen.


There’s nothing to see here except two completely different films.

The Exorcism by directors MA Fortin and Joshua John Miller has been filming since 2019 and was originally supposed to The Georgetown Project be called. However, that was before the success of The Pope’s Exorcist, to which this “new” exorcism film with meta machinations has now been adapted in terms of marketing.

When will the horror film The Exorcism be released in cinemas?

The Exorcism’s US theatrical release is for the June 7, 2024 planned. Our prayers for a local start date have not yet been answered, but we will keep you updated. If you want to see a religiously tinged horror film or two in the meantime, you can currently go to the cinema church for Immaculate or The First Omen.

You can now stream The Pope’s Exorcist with Russell Crowe on Netflix.