Melinda Criborn and E-type reveal: It’s our daughter’s name

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Melinda Jacobs38, and the artist Martin “E-Type” Erikson57, announced in late August 2022 the wonderful news that they would have a child together.

“Life’s greatest wonder. In January we will have another one!”, Melinda and Martin wrote on Instagram to a picture where Melinda showed her pregnant belly with Martin by her side.

This is how Melinda and Martin met!

Melinda Jacobs’ difficult pregnancy

Melinda’s pregnancy has been far from easy.

She has suffered from a lot of nausea, something she talked about in her podcast “Family”.

– This time I have escaped being hospitalized, but I have felt very, very bad. And have had to take medicines that make you quite tired, she said in the podcast.

However, it was during the pregnancy that E-type chose to propose to Melinda. You can read more about the romantic proposal here.

It’s called Melinda Jacobs and E-type’s daughter

Today, January 22, 2023, Melinda Jacobs and E-type’s daughter was born, and Melinda talks about the birth on Instagram.”Isadora Elisabeth Esmeralda“, writes Melinda Jacobs. In the comments section, both the followers and the couple’s close friends send congratulations.

Melinda Jacobs has several children from before

Melinda was previously married to the dance band drummer Anders Hildeskog and later with the dance band artist Lasse Lundberg.

Melinda is a foster mother to several children, and also has three biological children from before.

Melinda Jacobs. Image source: Sofia Ekström/SvD/TT Image

Melinda Jacobs became known to the Swedish people as the girl’s foster mother Esmeralda which in the newspapers came to be known as “Little Heart”.

When Little Heart was three years old, she was killed by her biological parents, and the case shook Sweden. You can read more about Little Heart here.

After Little Heart’s death, Melinda has worked tirelessly to bring about a change in the law, and she has also written the book “She was called Esmeralda – the book about Little Heart”.

Melinda Jacobs, Little Heart’s foster mother and Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren (S) talks about Lex’s little heart in Rosenbad on February 2, 2022. Image source: Jessica Gow/ TT Bild.