By unchecking this simple setting, your Android phone becomes twice as fast

By unchecking this simple setting your Android phone becomes twice

If your smartphone seems super slow and pages are having trouble loading, this simple tip is perfect for boosting its speed!

The smartphone has become an essential tool in our daily lives. In France, we spend on average 3.5 hours per day on it. We use it to call, of course, but also to find our way, send messages, browse the internet, check our social networks, or even to find a good restaurant. And we want everything to happen quickly! We don’t have time to waste with a device that takes time to load pages, or to find the information you’re looking for at that moment. However, slowdowns and freezes are common, regardless of the type of phone. .

So, how can you make your smartphone faster? On Android, you just need to enable Developer Options. Start by opening Settings and going to the “About Phone” menu. When you come across the line titled “Build number”, click on it seven times (not one more, not one less!) then enter your device’s unlock code to complete the step. A confirmation message states that “you are now a developer.” After this first step, you will need to adjust the animation speeds, which will allow you to boost the speed of your phone.

In System, in the list of settings, you will be able to locate the “animation” section. There are three settings: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale. Click on each of these settings and
change the scale from 1x (default) to 0.5x. The lower the number, the faster the animation. You can also set the value to “off” if you don’t want any animation.

If you want to restore your smartphone to its initial speed, like when it was brand new, other tips can be implemented. It is advisable to empty caches regularly, not to leave too many tabs open when browsing the internet, to check your storage space and free it up if necessary. Remember to turn off your phone every once in a while, update your OS and apps, uninstall apps you don’t need (there are probably more than you think !), and install an antivirus. As a last resort, if nothing works, you can consider resetting your phone after backing up all your contacts and photos.