Latest news – Hundreds dead after floods

Hundreds dead after floods

today at 18.06 Lukas Jacobson

At least 176 people have died after floods in South Kivu province of Congo-Kinshasa, reports Reuters.

Heavy rain has led to destroyed buildings and flooded rivers in the area.

Additional people are still missing.

Latest news

  • Russia: Children and the elderly should evacuate

    A man with a child in front of the ruins of the Sunrise Park Hotel in Zaporizhia. The picture is from today. Photo: Andriyenko Andriy/AP

    Russia calls for the evacuation of families with children and the elderly in Russian-occupied areas near the war front in Ukraine.

    This is reported by Norwegian NTB.

    The reason is said to be an escalation of Ukrainian airstrikes.

    People with disabilities and people in hospitals should also be evacuated, writes Yevgeny Balitsky, the Russian-installed governor of the Zaporizhzhya region, on Telegram.

  • Teenager arrested after knife attack at school

    Two people were injured in a knife attack at a school on Wednesday. Photo: Andreas Bardell

    On Wednesday, a teenager attacked a school in Grimsta with a knife, two people were injured.

    The teenager was arrested on the spot, and has now been detained on probable cause on suspicion of two counts of unlawful threats.

    Here you can read more about the attack on Grimstaskolan.

  • Person found dead in Arvika

    A person has been found dead in a forest area in Arvika municipality.

    Just before 2 pm on Friday afternoon, the police announced that they had opened a preliminary investigation into murder.

    – Circumstances surrounding the death mean that we cannot rule out murder, says Lars Hedelin, press spokesperson for the police in the Bergslagen region.

    The location where the body was found is cordoned off and will be examined by police technicians.

    The dead person has not yet been identified.

  • WHO: Corona pandemic no longer a global health crisis

    WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Photo: Martial Trezzini/AP/TT

    The World Health Organization WHO announces that covid-19 no longer constitutes a global emergency, TT reports.

    Recently, the WHO also announced that the number of deaths from covid-19 has decreased by 95 percent since the turn of the year, writes AFP.

    Covid-19 was described as a pandemic by the WHO for the first time in March 2020.

    Read more here.

  • Forssell: Do like Poland – throw them out

    The Liberals’ foreign policy spokesperson Joar Forssell. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

    Russia has continued to use a house on Lidingö in Stockholm that they have not owned for almost ten years. According to SVT has the house used by suspected spies.

    Something that the Liberals’ foreign policy spokesperson Joar Forssell is very critical of.

    – This cannot be accepted, you have to put hard against hard, he says to SVT.

    He thinks that Sweden should do like Poland.

    – Take the house back from Russia and throw out those who are there, he says.

    Foreign Minister Tobias Billström has said that the house must be protected as diplomats live there and that the people staying there are treated with dignity.

  • Three cars in a collision

    Three cars are involved in a collision on the Angeredsbron in Gothenburg, writes GP.

    According to the newspaper, queues have formed across the bridge and emergency services, police and ambulance have been sent to the scene.

  • 18-year-old wanted in custody after stabbing

    An 18-year-old is wanted in custody after a knife attack at a school. Photo: Anderas Bardell

    The man who is suspected of the knife attack at Grimstaskolan in western Stockholm on Wednesday has been requested to be detained, reports SVT News Stockholm.

    The 18-year-old suspect entered the school grounds at lunchtime and when school staff tried to stop him, two people were injured.

    The custody hearing will be held at 3.30pm on Friday.

    Read more here.

  • Long prison terms for gang criminals

    Several people have been sentenced to long prison sentences in the Uppsala District Court.

    The defendants have all been part of organized crime in one way or another.

    The evidence in the cases comes mainly from analyzes of messages in the encrypted chat services Encrochat and SkyECC.

    Two of the convicts receive close to thirteen years in prison for both extremely serious drug offenses and preparation for murder.

  • Johanna Leshem Jansson is appealing the life sentence

    Lawyer Clea Sangborn defends convicted murderer Johanna Leshem Jansson (inset). Photo: TT/Police

    The 20-year-old’s lawyer Clea Sangborn has submitted an appeal to the Göta Court of Appeal, according to SVT.

    In the appeal, Sangborn demands that Johanna Leshem Jansson be acquitted of suspicion of murder. This after she was sentenced for the murder of 21-year-old Tove in Vetlanda.

    Sangborn questions the cause of death and the coroner’s credibility.

    She also writes that it is strange that the district court considers that her client is credible in some parts of her story, and not credible in other parts.

    Read more here.

  • The 22-year-old’s acquittal is being appealed

    22-year-old Noah, who was accused of having killed two people in Ulricehamn, was fully acquitted of murder suspicions during Friday morning.

    Now the prosecutor Martin Svensson announces that the acquittal will be appealed.

    – Above all, the violence that has been perpetrated has been far too extensive. He should simply be held accountable, says Svensson.

  • Earthquake in Japan

    At least one person has died after an earthquake in Japan. Photo: AP

    An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 has occurred on the west coast of Japan.

    So far, at least one person has died and 21 have been injured.

    Rescuers continue to search for additional people trapped in the collapsed houses.

  • Missing woman found dead

    A woman in her 50s who was reported missing a week ago has been found dead on the island of Sydkoster.

    Previously, the incident was investigated as a disappearance without suspicion of crime, but according to the police, murder cannot be ruled out because she was found outdoors. The police are therefore investigating the incident as a murder.

    The public alerted the police early on Friday morning.

    Relatives have been notified.

  • Man dead in Lammhult – the police suspect murder

    The police, emergency services and ambulance were alerted on the night of Friday in Lammhult that a 50-year-old man had been injured by an object.

    The man was taken to hospital but died on Friday morning.

    The incident is classified as murder/manslaughter. So far, no one has been arrested and the police are now looking for witnesses.

    Relatives of the man have been notified.

  • One is charged with serious sexual crimes against children

    A 45-year-old man is charged on suspicion of several cases of aggravated rape against children.

    He is also suspected of gross sexual abuse of children, assault and child pornography offences.

    The man must have committed the crimes over several years and in several different places in Sweden. He has been detained in Jämtland since January.

    A woman of the same age is also charged with aggravated rape of a child.

    On May 15, the hearing begins in the Jämtland district court.

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    Latest news

  • Isn’t it strange that subsistence requirements for labor immigrants are higher than what a university-educated nurse has in Sweden?


    Hi Jennifer! Where do you find that number? The average salary is in any case a bit over 30,000 kroner for people between 18 and 24 years old from what I can see Statistics Sweden’s website.

  • Why don’t you write anything about food prices? Are you bought by the food companies?

    The cucumber

    Hello cucumber! We have done that, both here and in Aftonbladet Direkt.

  • Why don’t you write anything about shooting in Belgrade????


    We certainly haven’t missed that! Here you can read a whole article about the event in Serbia!

  • Interesting, I had no idea they make champagne in Kalix…

    Always learn something new from you Ab..



    Huh! Don’t you know the famous Kalix champagne?!

    Joking aside. Have changed the notice so that it will be clearer what is meant ;)!

  • What are the rules now with loose dogs?

    Saw on my walk a dog running around in a paddock and a bird flying around and screaming. It probably has young or eggs in the grass.

    Isn’t it tethered now?

    Was it the case that the incredibly obedient dogs are allowed to go loose but then at most one leash length from the owner?

    Want to be able to show the owner the correct letter when it happens again.


    Here can you see what applies.

    Here you can read what the police have to say about the matter.

    And here is a link to the Act on supervision.

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