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Latest news

Authority reviews M after the election

today at 11.47amBeri Zangana

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (IMY) initiates a supervisory case against the Moderates due to their processing of personal data.

It is about the Moderates collecting personal data and then sending personal video greetings to individuals.

“The complainants state, among other things, that the information about the processing available on the Moderates’ website is deficient. It is stated, among other things, that there is a lack of a description of how the personal data of the registered was used during the election campaign and a complete description of the processing,” writes IMY.

Latest news

  • The Court of Appeal establishes a prison sentence for child rape

    A 48-year-old man was sentenced to prison for 11 years and 6 months for 300 cases of rape against children at the Nyköping district court.

    The verdict came in January this year – Now the Svea Court of Appeal determines the prison sentence.

    Over the course of a year, he subjected a girl to abuse.

    He is also convicted of sexual assault and sexual assault of another minor plaintiff and for aggravated child pornography.

  • Star lawyer acquitted in high-profile case

    The successful lawyer Björn Hurtig was charged with bribery last autumn. Now the district court announces that he is completely acquitted.

    The background was a high-profile murder case in Borås in November last year when a young man was shot dead outside the university in Borås.

    Two police officers were suspected of having conducted their own investigation alongside the murder investigation and, according to the indictment, they allegedly withheld information from a preliminary investigation leader.

    One of the police officers is suspected of holding an interrogation with a main witness in the murder investigation in Björn Hurtig’s premises, who thus defended one of the accused police officers.

    Björn Hurtig has had assignments in some of Sweden’s largest trials.

    Hurtig has always denied any wrongdoing.

    He was charged with bribery after money was transferred to one of the accused police officers.

    The two police officers are sentenced for, among other things, gross misconduct, writes BT. An assistant lawyer is sentenced for aiding and abetting gross misconduct.

  • The Court of Appeal toughens the punishment for Estonia filmmakers – sentenced to 80 days’ fines

    Journalist Henrik Evertsson and wreck expert Linus Andersson were sentenced in the district court to 40 days’ fines each for violating the Act on the Protection of Grave Peace.

    This is because of the dives they performed on Estonia’s wreck.

    Both of them are now also being sentenced in the Court of Appeal for Western Sweden for violating the law on the protection of grave peace. The number of daily fines has been changed from 40 to 80.

  • The Foreign Ministry summons the Russian ambassador after the threat

    Viktor Tatarintsev. Photo: FERNVALL LOTTE/Aftonbladet

    Russia’s ambassador to Sweden Viktor Tatarintsev has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry, announced Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M), reports TT.

    This after the embassy wrote on its website that Sweden becomes “a legitimate target for Russia’s retaliatory measures” if the country joins NATO.

    “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will summon the Russian ambassador to clearly mark against this obvious attempt at influence,” says Billström in a written quote.

    The foreign minister adds that Sweden’s security policy is determined by Sweden and no one else.

  • Suspected dangerous object at the County Administrative Board – blocks

    The police are on site at the County Administrative Board in Västerås to check a suspected dangerous object.

    – It was staff who raised the alarm, says Nadya Norton, press spokesperson at police region Mitt.

    She does not want to go into what kind of object it is, but according to information to Aftonbladet, it is a powder that must be examined.

    The site will be blocked off.

    Emergency services and an ambulance are on site.

  • Unexpectedly large setback for the retail trade

    Inflation has hit the retail trade hard – the setback is unexpectedly large, TT reports.

    Compared to February last year, the decline is 9.4 percent and the sales volume in the retail trade fell by 1.2 percent in February compared to January, figures from Statistics Sweden (SCB) show.

  • Climate criticism against the government: Has lost steering speed

    Swedish climate policy lost momentum throughout last year and the new government’s policy will lead to increased emissions in recent years.

    This is stated by the Climate Policy Council in a report presented today.

    While Sweden is losing momentum, the EU strengthened its climate policy in 2022.

    – It would be remarkable and serious if changes to Sweden’s national policy would lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions in our country. Postponing emission reductions into the future has significant climatological, economic, ecological and social consequences. Powerful climate policy is now needed, says Cecilia Hermansson, Chair of the Climate Policy Council, in a press release.

    At nine o’clock the report will be presented in its entirety. We’ll be streaming it live in the player above.

    Read more here.

  • Information: Russian submarine violated Gävle harbor

    According to new information in the book “Russian submarine operations against Sweden and the Nordic countries”, a Russian submarine allegedly violated Swedish territory in 2017, reports TV4 News.

    It is about a Russian spetznaz vessel that is said to have been observed on a sonar image by personnel in the port of Gävle.

    – The incident must therefore be classified as a gross intentional violation. That’s what Nils Ove Jansson, former naval officer and author of the book, tells TV4.

    It has been possible to determine the data through an analysis of a restored hard drive with measurement data that was collected by the staff in Gävle harbour.

    The armed forces say that the conclusions are classified but confirm that they have investigated a suspected violation.

  • Train services resumed after earlier stops

    Train traffic is at a standstill between Malmö and Lund during the morning.

    The reason is that a contact line was torn down, writes Sydsvenskan.

    By 8:30 a.m., traffic was back on track.

    At the same time, there are problems for train traffic in Western Sweden. Several trains have been canceled between Gothenburg and Strömstad due to the snow storm, writes GP.

    There is no forecast for when traffic can go as usual.

  • A man was robbed on his way to work

    A man was robbed in Eskilstuna during the morning when he was on his way to work.

    Perpetrators threatened the man with a sharp knife and took his computer.

    The police conducted a crime scene investigation and took up a report of robbery.

    No one has been arrested on suspicion of the robbery.

  • Five young people dead under unclear circumstances in Värmland: “Drugs everywhere”

    In recent months, five young people have died under unclear circumstances, reports say P3 News.

    The police believe that the deaths have a connection to unknown drugs and have seized suspected preparations.

    – There are drugs everywhere, you see it openly on the streets, says 31-year-old Jon Sjöberg from Hagfors, to the radio channel.

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    Latest news

  • Hi, why do you have to have locked articles that you have to pay for when it comes to things like Putin and the war, not everyone can afford that, but still want to be able to follow along a bit in case something serious happens, ps food and electricity are expensive now


    Hi Mikael! I understand that it feels frustrating. Most things are open and free on our site. Important news events related to the war are always free, but we our paying readers also need to get value for their money, so for them we do in-depth articles.

  • When should compensation for high electricity bills in Dec/Jan be paid out? It is completely silent on this.

    L. Hultberg

    If you mean round two of the electricity subsidy, Minister of Energy and Industry Ebba Busch (KD) has said that it will come later in the spring.

  • are there any statistics on how many have been sentenced to life imprisonment in recent years?

    Bo Lind

    Unfortunately, I can’t find any statistics on that.

    But according to statistics from the Prison Service, 189 people served a life sentence in Sweden in November 2022.

    It is the highest since 1989, when the Norwegian Prison and Probation Service started keeping such statistics.

  • “Swedes prepared to pause democracy” says the title but the article says “pause the economy”. Which is it?


    Hey Pavo! There was a mistake in the post, it should say “democracy” right through – not the economy. Now it’s arranged!

  • Is there any reason why they are now showing a picture of the “Kurdish fox”? At the beginning of the year, when it emerged that he and others were behind the conflict in Stockholm, all images were blurred. Is it because public interest has increased over time?


    Hi Birgitta! Here is a solid answer to your question!

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