Lars Ohlys on the Left Party’s party leadership: “Complete with power”

Lars Ohlys on the Left Partys party leadership Complete with
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full screen Former V leader Lars Ohly. Photo: Marcus Ericsson

The left party is shaken by the exclusion case against Björn Alling, who criticized party leader Nooshi Dadgostar’s condemnation of Hamas.

Now former party leader Lars Ohly enters the debate and sees the party board’s attempt to get rid of Alling.

– In my time we excluded racists. Now a socialist, internationalist and environmentalist is excluded, writes the former V leader on Facebook.

full screen Björn Alling. Photo: Private

The Left Party’s party board wants to exclude the leftist Björn Alling, who represents the party in Linköping municipality.

The reason is the criticism that Alling made against the party leadership, where he, among other things, directed sharp criticism at Nooshi Dadgostar’s condemnation of Hamas attacks in Israel.

Alling has announced that he will take up the issue at the party’s congress in May 2024.

Björn Alling has received support for his cause within the party, where around 250 people have signed a list of names in support of Alling. On social media, members have also expressed their support for their party colleague.

Even the former left-wing leader Lars Ohly stands behind Björn Alling.

In a post on Facebook, Lars Ohly writes, among other things, that he hopes the congress will go against the party board and keep Alling in the party.

“Sad to read about how a powerful leadership in the Left Party decided to exclude Björn Alling from the party. In my time we excluded racists. Now a socialist, internationalist and environmentalist is excluded,” writes Lars Ohly.

Lars Ohly also gives his support to Alling in a response to the latter’s post on Facebook, where Alling makes it clear that he is taking up the fight against the party board to remain in the Left Party.

The former V leader further writes that he does not believe that party secretary Aron Etzler lives up to the party’s statutory requirement to ensure free debate in the party.

“I never thought that a majority in the party board could be so stupid. Don’t they understand that their task is to hold together and strengthen the left, not weaken and divide it?”, writes Lars Ohly on Facebook.

Aftonbladet has asked Lars Ohly for a comment, but he declines.

FACT Left party 2018

Lars Ohly left the Left Party in 2018 after he was suspended from the party in connection with accusations being made against him in connection with #metoo.

He was the Left Party’s party leader between 2004 and 2012.

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fullscreen The Left Party’s Nooshi Dadgostar. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT / TT News Agency