Intermediterranean Commission, Roberto Occhiuto is the new president

Intermediterranean Commission Roberto Occhiuto is the new president

(Finance) – Stably strengthen cooperation between the regions and local authorities of the Mediterranean to better face the great challenges of the present and the future and to reaffirm the centrality of one strategic maritime area for world balance, stability and the social, economic and cultural development of the European Union. It is the key message, illustrated in a document divided into 15 points, which emerged from the two days of theGeneral Assembly from the CIM – Intermediterranean Commission which was attended by 40 regions from 8 EU member states and other countries (Albania, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Morocco and Spain) and which elected Roberto Occhiuto, President of the Calabria Region, as President on duty.

They participated in the work, among others, too Anthony TajaniMinister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, In MusumeciMinister for Civil Protection and Marine Policies, Michele Emilian, President of the Puglia Region. The Intermediterranean Commission (CIM) is one of the 6 areas of intervention of the CPMR – Commission of Peripheral Maritime Regions whose aim is to encourage the development of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and territorial cooperation on the issues of transport, integrated maritime policy, economic and social cohesion, water and energy.

At the end of the works, the General Assembly elected the President of the Calabria Region, Robert Eyey, new President of the Intermediterranean Commission. “Supporting the creation of a macro-regional strategy on a Mediterranean scale will be one of our main objectives, and we must do so with shared governance at multiple levels and with a variable geometry that responds to territorial needs and specificities”, said President Roberto Occhiuto .

“The Intermediterranean Commission, which I have the honor of chairing from today, must become even more important, we must make ourselves known, we must stimulate the active participation of political decision-makers, together with the technical delegations, of the various Regions, we must work to further enhance the great work being done. THE dossier hey documents that we produce must be transformed into political choices, into decisions that can give greater weight to the regions bordering the southern shore of the Mediterranean. There Calabriawhich inherits many problems for which it has not yet worked out all the answers and the instruments necessary, wants to contribute concretely to this process, to the benefit of all the Regions that are part of this organization, but also of those that are not yet part of it. What unites us will keep us strongly engaged in the pursuit of inclusion and collaboration to improve the lives of our citizens and our young people.