In the spotlight: suspense at the Assembly…

In the spotlight very turbulent week ahead for the government

Retreats: D-Day “, spear The Lorraine Republican.

Macron quits or doubles », note The echoes.

The longest day exclaims The Parisian.

The moment of truth “says Release.

The time of choice “, adds The Courrier Picard.

The mobilized street awaits the vote in the Assembly “, point The voice of the North.

Indeed, suspense… After the approval of the joint committee on Wednesday March 15, we expect a probable vote by the Senate this Thursday morning on the pension reform. But what are the deputies going to do in the afternoon? ?

In the meantime, the comments are going well in the press…

Passing by force…

For Releasethis tussle over pensions highlights “ the political weakness of the majority. Because, despite her right-wing reform, last night she was still not completely sure of getting all the LR votes she needs in the Assembly to get her text through. An appeal to 49-3 is still not excluded. If it was the case, ironically Liberation, the government will have succeeded in demonstrating that it is right-wing, without obtaining its support. It would be, as they say, a great perf… »

Humanityfor its part, warns : “ Yet another forced passage would rightly be experienced by the French as a serious democratic rupture. Some will justify that the 49-3 and other tools available to the government and the Assembly are perfectly legal. Legal, yes, but legitimate, no, exclaims the communist daily, while a clear majority of this country opposes this counter-reform. »

… or obligatory passage?

No, retort Le Figaro you have to know how to complete a reform » : “ This Thursday evening, the text should be adopted, says the newspaper. He will arrive featherless, rickety, his pockets completely pierced through concessions and compromises, but he will still remain the symbol of an age. : 64 years old. It’s not all that was promised, but it’s not nothing. It is the adjustment that no one is enthusiastic about, but that our aging society could not do without. At the end of the day, demographic reality wins out : there are more and more retirees and fewer and fewer working people. »

Once the last adventures have been completed, the postponement of the retirement age to 64 years will be recorded, congratulates himself Opinion. A political totem for Emmanuel Macron, a symbol to continue to act (…). »

Democratic uncertainties…

In any case, be careful, warn Free Charente : “ All options are open as to the outcome. A negative vote, worse, a motion of no confidence, would open a political crisis, would plunge the government into impotence and could lead to elections that no one wants. The left would not be sure to find all its troops there and the National Rally judges that the fruit is not yet ripe. Better to wait for the presidential election to pick up the bet. It would therefore remain to manage current affairs and this form of decay which increasingly permeates the social fabric. One question remains, asks the Charente daily : was the game worth the candle ? »

The Latest News from Alsace also express their concern : The parliamentary campaign that France has just experienced foreshadows others, estimates the Strasbourg daily, symptoms of six years of macronism during which the democratic machinery was gradually undermined, starting with the intermediary bodies and the consideration of citizens. While political crises can bring hope, they also create an insidious danger : anti-parliamentarianism. The majorities of the Palais du Luxembourg and the Palais-Bourbon should never forget this. »

Finally, wonder The Dispatchwhether the reform is adopted or not, “ after having rushed to this point the social body, how to embark the French, all the French, in much more structuring reforms for the future of the country (school, health, ecological transition) ? The difficult reconciliation of the French people with their leaders still remains to be built. It should even be the priority of this five-year term which is struggling to get off the ground and from which we do not always distinguish the course and the vision. Without this, warns La Dépêche, without this necessary reconciliation, other risks threatening our democracy will arise in 2027… »