If you play the new Evoker class in WoW, you should always use a certain ability

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The new callers of the Dracthyr in WoW: Dragonflight can switch between a dragon form and a human appearance. This even works automatically with a special ability and brings enormous advantages – especially if you level up or conquer dungeons.

What is this ability? Like Worgen, Dracthyr have two forms that they can switch between. Chosen Identity automatically transforms you into your Visage form whenever you are not in combat or using the Sailing ability.

You get the ability along with the Visage itself upon completing the introductory campaign of the Dracthyr, which you can play since Stage 2 of the November 16th pre-patch. Wrathion or Ebonhorn will explain the magic to you in a short quest.

Why is Chosen Identity so important? As long as you are in visage form, you have significantly increased life regeneration. It’s so strong that you may not need to heal or eat if you’re traveling between fights.

This is especially useful in dungeons or leveling, where you might not always think about auto-switching (or just don’t feel like it). But you save yourself valuable time, the healer’s mana or simply gold, which is not so easy to get in Dragonflight anyway.

Chosen identity is an aura. That means the spell stays active until you dissolve it yourself. If you want to know more about the new class, you can find our big Evoker guide with builds for DPS and healers on MeinMMO.

Do you want to know why we’re going to the Dragon Islands in the first place? In a new cinematic, the dragon aspects themselves tell you that, but spoiler alert!

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Chosen identity will help you level up and in dungeons

If you want to level up as a Dracthyr particularly quickly in Dragonflight after the release on November 29th, Chosen Identity is practically mandatory. The function saves you time and allows you to fight opponents almost non-stop if you have to run anyway.

Note that there are already some issues preventing you from using abilities. These are related to addons and are easy to fix. There will probably be similar problems at least in the first few days of the release.

By the way, leveling in Dragonflight is incredibly fast. The level phase alone up to level 70 should be able to be done in just over 3 hours if you exhaust all possibilities. That’s about as long as the path to level 60:

WoW player reaches level 60 in Dragonflight in just over 3 hours – sets a record

You will soon find a detailed guide with tips for leveling and useful items that will help you to get to the new level 70 faster on MeinMMO. If you want to know more about the new expansion, check out our hub for all the info:

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