Here are the budget’s seven most important points for your wallet

Employment tax credit

The government is spending SEK 11 billion on a new employment tax deduction in the autumn budget. For a family consisting of a police officer and a nurse, the proposal results in reduced taxes by SEK 14,000 per year, according to the government. A family where both go from benefits to jobs with the lowest collectively agreed salary gets up to SEK 5,600 less tax per year.

Reduced tax on fuel

The tax is reduced on petrol and diesel. The proposal involves a tax reduction on petrol by SEK 1:64 per liter in 2024. For diesel, the reduction will be 43 öre at the same time. In total, the tax reduction of fuel taxes will cost the state 6.48 billion in 2024.

Reduced pensioner tax

The government proposes an increased basic deduction. In addition, indexing and automatic enumeration are added. For someone with a pension of SEK 8,333 a month, the relief, thanks to indexation, is SEK 105. For someone with 16,667 in pension, the tax reduction will be SEK 16, but with indexation SEK 192. Those with 25,000 in pension get 289 kroner more in their wallet every month.

Changed tax for snuff and cigarettes

The tax on snus is being lowered, which according to the government means that a can will be three kroner cheaper. On the other hand, the tax on cigarettes is increased, which means that a pack will be four kroner more expensive. The proposal is not intended to come into effect until November 1, 2024. So-called white snus and other tobacco-free products are not covered.

Money to scrap the car

The government wants to introduce a temporary premium for those who scrap an older car with a combustion engine and instead lease or buy an electric car. The proposal is expected to cost SEK 250 million per year for the next two years.

Exact details are not yet known.

The breakpoint is paused

The annual increase in the cut-off point for state income tax is paused. This means that the limit for starting to pay state income tax must be at an income of 51,000 kroner a month instead of 57,000 which was intended based on inflation. The state tax is 20 percent on income above the cut-off point.

The ceiling for root and root is doubled

The root deduction must, from 1 July, be increased by SEK 25,000 to SEK 75,000 – the same level as the square deduction. At the same time, the total ceiling for both deductions is raised to SEK 150,000 from SEK 75,000. Only the labor cost is deductible, at 30 percent.