Having bought a new company, Apple is on the agenda again with its first car.

Having bought a new company Apple is on the agenda

long-term work on Apple Car electric car project is on the agenda once again today.

applea Mountain View-based company that has developed special artificial intelligence algorithms for use in the video compression process, as it turns out today. Quietly buy a startup called WaveOne took. The technology giant, which is unknown how much it pays for this, continues to include startups that need it or see the future. in 2016 Lubomir Bourdev And Oren Rippel WaveOne is working on a dynamic video compression and decompression algorithm that works by analyzing the content to reduce the size of video files. The other issue that brings Apple to the agenda is, as we said above, car related to the side. You know Apple Car The project has been making noise for years and it is known that things are not going well in the project in general. Within the scope of the project, where a lot of personnel has changed, some new information has arrived today. This tool is on the agenda once again today because to resources according to the vehicle LiDAR sensor from Wenmao will be included. Wenmao, which also provides LiDAR to Apple for use in iPhones and iPad Pros, seems to be an important name in the automobile project. The company is using this LiDAR sensor. autonomous driving systemWith this system, the vehicle will be able to perceive its surroundings together with its depth.


There was a news about the interior of the car last week. According to data obtained from official US-based records, Apple, It is currently testing the highly important autonomous (driverless) driving system of its first vehicle with 67 different vehicles and 201 different test drivers.. Number of drivers and vehicles (Specially modified vehicles of other companies are used in the tests) Apple, which is reported to be constantly increasing, is not the only technology company working on this issue. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is also developing a car, is conducting numerous tests on real roads for its own car’s autonomous driving systems. These tests are very important because autonomous driving systems cannot be developed between closed doors. Systems need to be compatible with the ever-changing traffic and road conditions of real life.