Graphics card upgrade for your gaming PC and cheaper than ever

Get your graphics upgrade with the RX 6800 XT graphics card at Mindfactory at an unbeatable price and experience your games in breathtaking graphics and WQHD.

With the RX 6800 XT XFX graphics card you can take your PC’s gaming performance to the next level. And the best part? You can currently get the card from Mindfactory at the absolute lowest price! It’s yours for only €569. For comparison, the offers from other providers only start at €620 and beyond.

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Your choice to gamble in WQHD

Among the advantages of the XFX Radeon RX 6800 XT are its 16GB GDDR6 memory and a base clock of 1825 MHz, which can be increased up to 2250 MHz with the overclocking feature. The result is smooth and stable performance, even with demanding applications and games. The card has improved cooling with the so-called “Triple Fan” technology, which ensures a lower operating temperature and thus extends the life of the card.

Compared to other high-end graphics cards, the XFX Radeon RX 6800 XT offers particularly good value for money. In tests, it cuts especially in the WQHD resolution very well, making it one of the best options for anyone wanting to gamble in this resolution. It is also more efficient in terms of power consumption compared to the competition and does not require any additional power connections.

Overall, the XFX Radeon RX 6800 XT is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful graphics card at a good price, especially if you want to game in WQHD. With its 16GB of GDDR6 memory, improved cooling system and overclocking option, it offers stable performance and beautiful looks even with the most demanding games.

The technical details:

GPUAMD Radeon RX 6800 XTStream processors4608Boost clock up to 2250 MHzMemory16 GB GDDR6Memory clock16 GbpsMemory interface256-bit bandwidth512 GB/sDirectX version12 UltimateVulkan version1.2Cooling3x 90 mm fan, 3-slot design, carbon componentsConnectors1x HDMI 2.1, 2x DisplayPort 1.4a, 1x USB type -CPower supply2x 8- pin PCIe power connectorsRecommended power supply min. 750 WattDimensions330 x 140 x 56 mm (L x W x H)

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