The shock announcement in the national ski team: The favorite is forced to leave – hard blow for Jonna Sundling: “I’m surprised”

Here is the news that surprises all skiing Swedes.
“Supervallaren” Perry Olsson is forced to leave the national skiing team.
– I was surprised, he admits to Expressen.

He has been described as a “super skier” and worked for a long time for the Norwegian national skiing team. But in 2020, the Swedish national skiing team managed to persuade Perry Olsson to move home again.

Forced to leave

Since then, he has been a dedicated groomer for the three national team riders Jonna Sundling, William Poromaa and Jens Burman. But today came the shock news that the most meritorious fencer in the Swedish national team is forced to leave.

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230220 Perry Olsson of Sweden at a cross-country training session ahead of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships on February 20, 2023 in Planica. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / code PA / PA0509

Since Perry did not receive a new contract.
– I want to make a change, and then I see an opportunity to do so based on the contracts that expire this spring, says the head of the polling station Anders Svanebo to Expressen.
– He could certainly have thought of continuing, but now that will not be the case.

Sundling’s words

Perry Olsson had expected a new contract after his current one expired this spring. But was taken to bed by the ski national team’s sudden announcement.
– I was surprised, because I was determined to continue. The only explanation I received from Anders Svanebo is that he wants to make changes. But nothing more than that. It’s their decision if they don’t want me to continue. But… Well, I would have liked to continue, he says himself to the evening newspaper.

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240102 Jonna Sundling of Sweden at a training session during Tour de Ski on January 2, 2024 in Davos. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN / code MB / MB0821

The national team skiers Sundling, Poromaa and Burman have reacted strongly to the fact that their favorite breeder is now disappearing.
– What they told me is that they didn’t think this was funny. That they are surprised. They probably all expected me to stay, says Olsson, who is now open to going to another country.
– If I receive a request from someone else, I will consider it.

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