GDP 2024, Cavallari (UpB): Government estimate “challenging but achievable”

GDP 2024 Cavallari UpB Government estimate challenging but achievable

(Finance) – Government estimates of GDP contained in the maneuver “These are important objectives, +0.8% this year will probably be marginally revised towards +0.7% while regarding the real growth target of 1.2 points in 2024 we believe that although it is a challenging objective it is neverthelessreachable”.

This was said by the president of the Parliamentary Budget Office, Lilia Cavallari, interviewed on SkyTg24 Economia. This, she added, “if some conditions occur, the most important is the realization of the Pnrr investments for 2024” which “from our estimates lead to aroundto 0.8 points of higher growth in 2024″.

In any case, added Cavallari, for next year “there is caution in the official forecasts onl nominal GDP and therefore in inflation forecasts. So even if the 2024 economy doesn’t grow by 1.2%, but anything less, this would not create tensions in public finances”

“The ability to stabilize the debt over the three-year period is important. Debt is the main burden and it is important to maintain it on a decreasing path due to the weight it has on the Italian economy”, observed the president of the Parliamentary Budget Office.

“For the next three years – he recalled – the cost of interest on the debt is around 100 billion per year and even an increase of just 1 point in interest rates can increase interest expenditure by 20 billion a year”he continued.