doValue: Alessandro Rivera new president, Manuela Franchi confirmed CEO

doValue Alessandro Rivera new president Manuela Franchi confirmed CEO

(Finance) – Theshareholders’ meeting Of doValuelisted on Euronext Milan and active in the management and recovery of impaired loans, has approved the budget of the 2023 financial year e the new Board of Directors has been appointed, which is composed of: 1) Alessandro Rivera – taken from List n.1, 2) Manuela Franchi – taken from List n. 1 3) Elena Lieskovska – taken from List no. 1, 4) Costantine Michael (Dean) Dakolias – taken from List n.1, 5) Francesco Colasanti – taken from List n.1, 6) James Corcoran – taken from List n.1, 7) Fotini Ioannou – taken from List n.1, 8) Camilla Cionini Visani – taken from List n.1, 9) Cristina Alba Ochoa – taken from List n.1, 10) Isabella De Michelis Di Slonghello – taken from List n.1, 11) Giuseppe Pisani – taken from List n.2.

The shareholders have also: appointed the Board of Auditors; approved the report on the remuneration policy for the period 2024-2026 and on the compensation paid for the year 2023; the incentive plan relating to the 2024-2026 cycle of the 2022-2024 LTIP of compensation based on financial instruments was approved; granted a new authorization to purchase own actions including the possibility of realizing it through apublic takeover offer; mandated statutory audit of accounts to KPMG.

The newly elected Board of Directors then made the appointment Alessandro Rivera President of the Board of Directors e Manuela Franchi CEOconfirming all the powers and delegations already attributed to the latter by resolution of the Board of Directors during the previous assignment.