Google strengthened Search-based English education with artificial intelligence

Google strengthened Search based English education with artificial intelligence

Internet giant Google announced that it started English education via “Search” in October last year.

in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela in October 2023. Android users via Google Search. English He was able to improve his language skills. The company, which essentially gamified language practice, also offered speaking practices, which are much more important, in addition to written infrastructure. It aimed to enrich the language that people were just starting to learn, with different suggestions that vary depending on the sentences made.. On the subject then, “Google Search is a valuable tool for those who are learning a language with what it already offers. Now, Android users will get a new English speaking practice experience supported by personalized feedback.” The company that made the statement He also stated that the system will be opened to other languages ​​and countries in the future.. Now the process is powered by generative artificial intelligence. The Gemini-based new era is at this stage Argentina, Colombia, India, Mexico, Venezuela and IndonesiaIt can be used in and only English It supports your language. The infrastructure that allows you to practice English by talking to an artificial intelligence bot looks really nice, but it is still not said when other languages ​​will be supported.


Referring to the importance of learning languages, the internet giant also stated the following on its official blog page: had conveyed: “Learning a language can create new opportunities in one’s life. It can help people connect with people from different cultures, travel the world, and advance their careers. It is estimated that 1.5 billion people worldwide are trying to learn English alone. Achieving proficiency in a new language is difficult, and many students find the lack of opportunity to practice speaking and receive feedback as the biggest obstacle to their learning.”