Forget what you know about sex: Physical satisfaction above all else!

Forget what you know about sex Physical satisfaction above all

The distinction between men and women has also emerged when it comes to sex. New research has revealed that there are many things that keep the sexes separate.

Researchers asked men and women to describe what they liked most about sex. She found that women are more likely to seek romance, and men are most excited by experiencing a new sex partner.

In fact, the number one thing women loved about sex was romance. While women love the thrill of having sex with a new partner for the first time, men seem to be interested in physical satisfaction.


While women saw sex as a means of relaxation, men stated that they liked the passion of having an orgasm. He also underlined that after the first encounters, men’s favorite thing is the enthusiasm they feel when they orgasm. Commenting on the findings, sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: “The results show great differences in what men and women enjoy sex with. For many women, sex is a way to bond with their partner, improve their mood and self-esteem, and reduce stress levels for men. They value all these things about sex, but they put physical satisfaction at the top of their priorities.” she said.