FC Honka and VPS are fighting for a hefty money pot – natural grass in November spices up the evening’s big game

FC Honka and VPS are fighting for a hefty money

Jussi Nuorela, head coach of the Vaasa Palloseura, sees that the natural grass has its own effect on the match. He considers Honka to be the most difficult opponent of all.

The finals of the football Veikkausliiga euro final tournament start today with the meeting between FC Honga and VPS.

VPS gets to the two-part final rested, as it played a week and a half ago in Seinäjoki. Since then, Honka has played two matches, the most recent of which was against AC Oulu on the weekend.

– We arrive with fresh legs and well recovered. The feel of the game is of course not as good as the opponent’s. On the other hand, it’s only been a week since we played a good match in Seinäjoki. We think we’re ready to continue the way we’ve been playing lately, VPS head coach Jussi Nuorela says.

However, Nuorela sees that the rest benefit is not an advantage for either of them this time. Nuorela reminds that Honka got to play both of their matches on their home field.

– Of course, they had to play 120 minutes against Inter, but Oulu’s game was actually decided already in the first half. They were good at switching and saving players.

On natural grass in November

According to Nurmela, the natural grass affects the match. Honga is familiar with the beginning and its current condition from, among other things, two previous matches.

– We haven’t played on natural grass for a while, and we haven’t been able to practice on natural grass in Vaasa either.

– However, I don’t think it really matters. It’s fifty-fifty. I believe both will be ready today.

It has been snowing in Vaasa, but according to Nuorela, the weather has not affected the preparations.

– Sure, it’s quite cold in Vaasa, but yes, our field has been in good condition for training. We have been able to do everything we have wanted to do.

The people of Vaasa have a great season

Through VPS, you can consider it incredible, because the team was not pre-empted into the top-tier races. On their way to bronze, VPS won 12 matches in a row in the league and broke the more than 20-year-old record for consecutive victories.

However, Nuorela assures that VPS has enough hunger to fight for the Euro final place against Honka.

– A bronze is a bronze and a great thing, but the fact is that it doesn’t do much other than being in the history books.

– There is, however, a clear economic benefit from the euro area, and that’s why it’s a really big deal. Yes, we really want it.

Mojova pot for the club

Nuorela is right, because Honka and VPS are fighting not only for the final place in the euro, but also for a nice financial pot.

Winning the Euro final tournament gives you a place in the Conference League qualifiers, and in the summer that ended, you already received 150,000 euros in prize money from the first qualifying round. The prize money increases the further you advance in the league.

The VPS manager describes that Honka is the most difficult and high-quality of the possible opponents in the final of the Euro final tournament.

– Especially at the moment, considering their playing condition at the end of the season. Honka is of the highest quality and they should be ranked a little higher in the series anyway or at least really challenge the top in terms of results.

– This season has been a disappointment for them, but I would say that Honka is the most difficult opponent we can face.